back to article UK brings in small-claims court for intellectual property

Small-biz bosses in England and Wales will find it easier and cheaper to protect their intellectual property from today. That's the promise by Blighty's business minister Michael Fallon, who yesterday launched a new way to use the Patents County Court (PCC) to settle small claims of up to £5,000 without getting expensive …


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  1. Andrew Moore

    Expensive Lawyers???

    Isn't that a tautology?

  2. Graeme Sutherland

    Legal Tactics

    Bear in mind that it's a valid tactic for a small business to secure a judgement against another company in the small claims arena before seeking further damages in the higher courts. If the case is won then it gives credence to subsequent suits.

  3. heyrick Silver badge

    £5000 damages and an injuction blocking infringing products?

    If not, small inventor with lucrative idea could find herself being screwed to the tune of five grand "as part of the cost of doing business".

    Actually, this ought to be done Apple-style. An immediate ban on supposedly-infringing products until a result has been reached in a court...

  4. BTCustomer
    Thumb Up

    That's a double edged sword

    Oh good. Small websites can now prevent ISPs and their "security/ad targeting" partners from scraping our content for their own commercial purposes (already a criminal offence under CDPA but not enforced).

    What's the betting I am told that no - sorry - that's not what we had in mind. Move along. A bit like the police said last year.

    I note the following commercial organisations taking unauthorised copies of my site material for their own commercial purposes over the last four years.

    Take note - TalkTalk/Huawei/F-Secure

    Take note - Vodafone UK/BlueCoat Systems

    Take note - MS Screensafe/Level 3 Communications.

    Take note - MS Bingbot (disobeying robots.txt all over the place)

    Take note - BT/Phorm (and your successors)

    If you want to take commercial copies of my copyrighted content you need my consent first.

    Just a letter to a judge eh? That should be VERY interesting.

    Hope he/she is more helpful than the police were, last time I made a criminal complaint about this.

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