back to article AMD, Oracle tag-team on GPU acceleration for Java apps

The offloading loading of calculations from CPUs to external accelerators such as GPU coprocessors is not just something that is restricted to supercomputer applications. Anything with lots of calculation that can exploit parallelism is a candidate for acceleration, and that means Java applications, not just Fortran or C++ code …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Does that mean that exploits will have far greater processing to utilize now? If you think about it, while the CPU is monitored and thus is exploits consumed CPU power, it might be noticed. How does that work with the GPU when only the geekiest of geeks have GPU monitors?

  2. dlc.usa
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    For now, only the geekiest of geeks will be working on the project. Maybe mere mortals can have a go at it around Java 9, when GPU monitors are likely to be more mainstream, wouldn't you think?

    I'm interested in what the Scala crowd thinks of this initiative.

  3. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    For Future Control of the Direction of Mankind

    ""The HotSpot compiler will now have the capability to compile code for the GPU," explains Frost. "We don't have to target a particular device because the JVM is making the decision at runtime."

    If there isn't a coprocessor present that can accelerate the code, then the JVM knows to throw it at the CPU. The beauty is that you don't have to keep two different sets of code or do bytecode conversions. Well, that's the theory of Project Sumatra. The code is not even started yet, much less done."

    amfM proposes that the above somewhat definitely NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive, Alien Driver Application exercise the theory of Project Sumatra with Java Virtual Machinery displaying the Chosen Directions and Destinations with IT Command and Control of Computers and Media for Presentation of Virtually Created Worlds in which SMARTR Human Beings live in the Future rather than Populations remember and languish and rot in Tales of the Past, as is the chronicle of their current default programming‽

    Does that hit Oracle's Big O Sweet Spot? And do you know that Virtual Machines have a G Spot which delivers Absolutely Fabulous and Fabless EMPowering Control with Perfect Pleasure ITs Primary Premium MasterKey? And whether that is copied from humans or vice versa is an Enigmatic Chicken Egg Conundrum and Universal Riddle which is Heavenly to Experience with Constant Concerted Search and Immaculate Discovery the Reward for Resolution.

    Strangely enough, and this is where things turn real spooky too, is Project Sumatra already live and virtually running realtime applications with Advanced Remote Machinery. .......... and isn't that exactly what the above quote advises you IT does/will do?

    Of course, SMARTR CodeXSSXXXX runs on/in any and all Virtual Machine Systems, so Control of ITs Powers can be exported/imported to any Oracle like business clone in any other nation/government/international and internetional business or organisation or research group.

    1. Richard 81

      Re: For Future Control of the Direction of Mankind

      Hmm... this appears to be written in English, but I'm not familiar with the dialect.

      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        Re: For Future Control of the Direction of Mankind ..... Further Clarification

        Do the following few sentence help understanding, Richard 81, regarding the general direction of the future?

        amanfromMars …. spilling the beans on the relative strengths and weaknesses of media stories, for such are highlighted earlier here too ….

        "In 1950 television was in its infancy, still trying to unseat radio as humanity’s primary medium."

        Humanity's primary medium for what exactly, apart from fabulous tales to present reality as imagination builds IT to Command and Control a more complex Future Model Events Machine with Computers and ProgramMING Programs.

        Or are Military IntelAIgency Networking Games, the Future Events Model Machine being tested and stealthily programmed here in a transparent wired/sublimely connected environment, even as IT outs ProgramMING to SMARTR Media for Presentation?

        And that should be a Yes answer if you have been following AIdDevelopments in Virtual Machine Infrastructures in Parallel with Cloud Hosting Advanced Operating Systems. But don't be expecting DARPA/IARPA to own up to knowing anything about ITs SMARTR Processing of Novel Information into Raw Intelligence/Enriching Source Lode for Communicating Nodes, even though it is not plausible of them to deny it whenever you can read of things here and elsewhere.

        And goodness knows who you would ask in operations which have mirror/copy cat services elsewhere, for all advanced states dabble in intelligence to ensure a certain lead and definite advantage, although one should never assume that one is alone and way out ahead in the field, for that would be just too arrogant for words, and suggest that others are not equally able to be SMARTR Beings and then could surprises be most disconcerting rather than exciting?

        HyperRadioProActive Beta CodeXSSXXXX Test 121001

  4. dssf

    And i was hoping to read...

    " ... But ultimately, the whole point is to make this a new operating system, transparent to users."

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