back to article Suffering Sharp gets a whopping bailout from the banks

Struggling electronics firm Sharp has announced that it signed a ¥360bn (£2.9bn, $4.6bn) bailout deal with banks including Mizuho Corporate Bank and The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi. The Japanese firm said that it had signed a loan deal with the banks for ¥180bn upfront and a loan facility of an equal amount to take care of its …


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  1. Alan Denman

    Now is no time to die.

    $1 billion for your screen technology?

    Apple wants your screen patent so that the dark side of that moon will have yet another brick in that wall.

  2. asdf


    The definition of throwing good money after bad. You'd think the Japanese banks would have learned by now that patriotism doesn't make always for good business sense. Sharp is a walking corpse.

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