back to article AData claims 'world's thinnest external HDD' crown

AData has unwrapped what it claims is the thinnest external hard drive to ever make it to market: a USB 3.0 unit that measures 8.9mm front to back. For comparison, one of the slimmest external HDDs we've seen of late is the 11mm-thick WD My Passport Edge for Mac. You have to wonder what practical difference that 2.1mm makes. …


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  1. Frederick Tennant

    Size dont matter (So my partner says)

    WD My Passport Edge at 11mm, Hitachi NESO 10mm, and now this, how much thinner can we get? hang on and watch this space lol.

  2. N13L5

    Its nice that they made a heat dissipating metal housing, but

    ... did they have to make it so 80's looking?

    Maybe they were afraid of running afoul or the rounded corners patent...

    Can't help but think B&O would have easily done a better job.

    Too many hard drive makers come out with a new so-so design every year, instead of hiring a really good designer once and then sticking with that design, to be recognizable.

    LaCie's Porsche design goes through generations, but changes are subtle, and it never looks amateurish.

  3. TWB

    AData - is that such a good name

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I always thought the prefix 'a' when added to a word meant 'without' - is this such a good idea on a device which is supposed to hold my data? (or do they mean 'item is provided without data'?....)

  4. polandro

    Not as hard as you thought you were...

    ...Shame Apple didn't get some of that 9H aluminium.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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