back to article Larry couldn't, but we can: Upstart Waratek touts cloudy Java love

A startup has pledged to deliver for Java what the brains of Larry Ellison’s mighty Oracle and the entire Java community cannot: cloud scalability - now. It also hopes to spread the love to Java-hating sysadmins. Waratek is planning the general release of its Cloud VM for Java at JavaOne next week. The Cloud VM product is a …


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  1. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    10 in 1

    Running many JVMs is awful for efficiency, just as is running many OS VMs. The JVM was designed to run friendly apps concurrently with very little coding effort. Potentially hostile apps may be run concurrently with a bit more effort but Oracle will need to address that trickle of vulnerabilities that are posted each week.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Replace all occurrences of 'cloud' with 'network'...

    There - not really so new and exciting is it now?

  3. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    MI5/MI6/MuI7 ... Advancing Revolutionary Guards @ Work, REST and Play in UKGBNI Time

    Hi, Gavin Clarke,

    Methinks Waratek follow El Reg, for they are trying to roll out what is already flying and has studiously been freely shared with all, so that all are made aware of the future as it unfolds itself before them, with IT Producing and Media Directing and urVirtual Machinery Presenting New Orderly Worlds from CHAOS/4CHAOS2*......... with IntelAIgently StructuredD Systems for Virtualised Space Stations in Geosynchronous Political Orbits/General Post Offices.**

    And there you all were, probably just not really thinking at all, that GCHQ housed and hosted and provided servers and services for a bunch of virtually useless and practically clueless tossers in Virtual Operations for Offices of Cyber Security, whenever in Realised Alternate Reality Great IntelAIgent Games Play are such pretentious wannabees simply ignored and bypassed and left to their own austere devices and to the baying mob with all of their vices.

    * Clouds Hosting Advancing Operating Systems


    And now that you know your government are aware of the situation, ...... for are they not at least advised here and now of the actuality, and is there not likely to be any number of others who will be only too pleased to tell tale and draw their attention to the matter ........ can you ponder on their suitability to be in a position of misleading control with powers that raise taxes on your wealth and future, rather than provisioning the future with your taxed wealth, which would then raise the uncomfortable Too Stupid question to ask of yourselves .... Why do you permit it and not stop it ...... with Creative Command and Cyber Control of Computers and Communications ...... for IT is freely available to Any and All, and that be also You Too?

    Or are you just like blissfully unaware children who don't think greatly at all, with things being provided quite naturally like magic from grown ups you will never ever meet or know?

    RSVP ..... to prove/disprove the point. There is nothing to lose, other than ignorance.

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