Samsung using updates to install crapware?

This topic was created by Patrick Seurre .

  1. Patrick Seurre

    Samsung using updates to install crapware?

    On two occasions now I have updated my Samsung Galaxy Note and on both occasions have found a handful of applications installed that simply should not be there (mostly with what look like German names for some reason - with the exception of myTaxi).

    My Note was bought unbranded and unlocked so I could avoid this sort of stuff and choose whatever operator I wanted. I'm assuming therefore that the update is coming directly from Samsung. It's bad enough that the operators put all sorts of stuff on their phones that I would never want to use and in some cases prevent us from uninstalling it now it seems that the handset manufacturers themselves seem to be getting in on the act...

  2. NickJohnson

    I think you must have a word with the service centre guy before installement for not installing any useless applications which are of no use. Clear out your doubts with him, it will be helpful for both of you....

  3. Chevalier

    I've never had any issues with my Samsungs. Could be something that someone added who sold you the unbranded/unlocked Samsung

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