back to article Myspace mutates Windows 8 with new look

Myspace* has released a video that shows off a new look that, at first glance, owes a fair bit to the design thinking behind Windows 8, with a dash of Pinterest thrown in for good measure. The once-dominant social network, infamously acquired by Rupert Murdoch for US$580m in 2005 and then offloaded Specific Media for a paltry …


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  1. jake Silver badge


    It's 11:15PM here, and I'm tired. Could someone please explain why anyone, anywhere, ever cared about myspace in the first place? I never could see the point ... I have my own space online, and have since the early 1980s (earlier, for my more technically inclined friends & family ... ).

    1. Tank boy

      Re: ::Yawn::

      "Could someone please explain why anyone, anywhere, ever cared about myspace in the first place?"

      Because most people get out of their mothers' basement from time to time. As in having friends. You might want to look into that.

      1. jake Silver badge

        Funny. (was: Re: ::Yawn::)

        Most people who manage to escape their mother's basement have no need of the likes of ... well, anything that identifies itself as "social media", when you think about it.

        I shake hands with my friends. They are real people.

        1. Dave 126 Silver badge

          Re: Funny. (was: ::Yawn::)

          >I shake hands with my friends. They are real people.

          Fair does. But that was also true of a pre-Facebook 20 year-old who would spend several nights a week attending gigs and going out with their friends. Myspace helped them in that real-life activity.

          Myspace could be an aid to real social contact, it wasn't trying to be an alternative to it.

    2. Dave 126 Silver badge

      Re: ::Yawn::

      Myspace was primarily used for unsigned bands promoting their music. They are not always the most technically minded of folk, and time spent learning about HTML and FTP is time not learning guitar chords. Musicians already had real world 'networks', comprised of the acts they shared gigs and tours with, for example. Hyper-linking between artist's Myspace pages wasn't an unreasonable way to explore new music. It worked fairly well. Unlike Jakes 'build your own' approach, there was a merit in having the pages all laid out in the same way, using the same audio player controls etc.

      He must be tired, its not the hardest thing to grok.

      1. John 62

        Re: ::Yawn::

        bands learning guitar chords? shirly shome mishtake! they probably spent the time adding friends and saying 'thanks for the add' to people who added them, and maybe some recording and gigging.

  2. frank ly

    Yes, but

    Maybe you have, but is your presence 'social'? Can people interact with you and express themselves in a multi-faceted and meaningful manner and develop their own paradigms of presence with shared visibility from 'your-space'?

    If not, then I would suggest that..... er, ...... you're in a fortunate position.

    1. Steven 1

      @frank ly

      "develop their own paradigms of presence"

      I feel unclean.

      1. frank ly

        Re: @frank ly

        How do you think I feel? I just spent 30 minutes scrubbing myself in the shower. (The voices in my head can be too persuasive at times.)

  3. The Alpha Klutz

    i dont even know whether to insult it or not

    had to watch the video 3 times. ugh need to flush that grating music now.

    Meshuggah - Perpetual Black Second, ah that's better.

  4. Matt_payne666

    @jake - and why would anyone care about Facebook too?

    I'm not an active user of any social networking, but I must admit the new look is pleasing to me, irrespective of people's views to MySpace, it did help a lot of people get noticed and I'm pleased that there is some one that's coding something that is not a Facebook clone, I won't be using it, but good luck to them... 3rd? Time lucky!

  5. Suburban Inmate

    Did anyone else think "Myspace? Who the f... Oh yeah." ?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    As there any explanation what aspect of .net held back the development?

    Others seem to manage large sites quite well using .net

    Just wondering...

    1. David Barrett

      Re: .net

      Seriously? Thumbs down for asking a question?

      There are some bell ends on these forums.

  7. h4rm0ny

    Still alive?

    Wow. If Myspace make a come back, it will be like a fight scene from a James Bond movie - completely knocked about all over the place and then inexplicably get back up and win the day.

    Facebook isn't what it was from my under twenty-five friends. Seems to be no longer particularly cool in any way, just a functional thing for organizing parties and letting people know when you're in town. I don't know how you displace that, but I don't think there's any great loyalty to Facebook. If Myspace offer something that is more convenient with less ads and hassle... Still seems unlikely, but maybe. If they offer good tools, perhaps.

  8. Mark C Casey

    Horizontal scrolling?

    Horizontal scrolling, on a touch screen interface.. using a mouse and keyboard?

    Oh dear.

  9. Nya

    Interesting, but will fail

    Ok, it's pretty and shiny (which usually sells things), but in the realm of social networking sites all the really matters is that it has all the people you know on it. The same problem Google+ had, yes people looked, but never went back to it. This will be the same, people will sign up to see how shiny it is, then go back to Facebook as it's where all the users are. Sadly a catch 22, but one a redesign won't fix short of it allowing a user into Facebook through it...which yes, defeats the object of the site.

  10. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Who are they advertising it to?

    Switches from beautiful people updating their profile from the bathroom to marketing (demographics, so-and-so is your most influential fan). Like most people I'm neither beautiful nor in marketing and as I type this I'm mildly traumatised by watching Justin Timberlake for longer than is healthy.

    Maybe I'm now officially an old curmudgeon.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    and the song is....

    Music in the video is "JJAMZ - Heartbeat" if you like it :)

  12. This post has been deleted by its author

  13. Robert Ramsay
    Thumb Down

    An animated "Under Construction" page? How very 1996!

  14. yoinkster

    Is it me or did that promo video look decidedly aimed at hipsters? Photos of food, pointless black and white and poorly filtered photos ... urgh, looks like a terrible place to visit.

  15. Ross 12

    The 'sign in with Facebook' and 'sign in with Twitter' buttons on the login page really speak volumes.

    Also, a lot of bands and artists are on Soundcloud these days, which is more purpose built. For fan stuff and music discovery there are sites like spotify and

  16. LJRich
    Thumb Up

    Finally, a new social network!

    (Oh wait...)

    I like it, the design is nice, it's very modern. And most importantly I know it hasn't been created just to Borg even more of my information that a huge web company wants so it can create more targeted adverts on its search pages. Not mentioning any names.

    The last thing Google+ needs is another competitor in the space.

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