back to article Orée outs wood-carved keyboard

French outfit Orée launched its unique bluetooth keyboards in the UK this week: input devices cut from a single piece of wood. Each Orée Board is hand-made in the company workshop and cut from either maple or walnut. This is said to provide greater durability, a better tactile experience and, of course, better sustainability …


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  1. Simon 26

    No pictures of what lays underneath/what source keyboard is used either here in the article or on the website makes me nervous about how nice it will be to type on.

    1. N13L5

      needs a backlight, given the low contrast lettering

      idk, sounds nice to have wood under your fingers...

      I imagine its solid wood too, but given the oils generally present on fingers, it might look pretty ratty soonish

  2. PaddyPower


    Think of the splinters!

    I could live with that though, it looks quite nice.. but it could look nicer...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Do they do maple-effect laminated chipboard to match my desk?

    1. Robredz


      It would disintegrate in a very short timeif made from chipboard once the veneer had worn. What next DIY kit from B & Q?

      Seriously wouldn't mind one, but what will it be like for gaming?

  4. CPE Bach

    Wooden Keyboard

    The problem is that it's French and that means that it has the AZERTY keyboard, rather than QWERTY. Having had to use these during various trips to Europe without that laptop I find them a right b****r to type on. Otherwise it looks a nice piece of kit, and the 'oils' from the finger tips will only enhance the wood over a long time....

  5. ooral
    Thumb Up

    Looks like you get a UK Keyboard option as well....

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