back to article Researchers reveal NFC subway bonk-nonpayment scheme

Transit systems around the world have begun turning to card-based "contactless" ticketing systems as an easy way to process fares. But according to security researchers, flaws in some ticketing schemes could allow savvy customers to bag themselves a permanent ticket to ride, using nothing more than an Android app and an NFC- …


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  1. andreas koch

    This will be another win

    for Apple in the USA. Ban all Android phones because they allow you to hack free rides. Only Apple phones are legal and safe! And have the bestestest* iMaps ever to show you where the airports for the trains are, erm those bus stops, I mean, them wot the phones show.

    *Sorry, got a bit carried away there, I'll be all right a soon as the saliva dries . . .

  2. Arctic fox

    "Permanent, plastic cards that offer more complicated fare schemes are not affected."

    Yet dear boy, yet. I foresee a large market in "snide seasons".

  3. toadwarrior

    Typical, android owners don't pay for anything.

  4. ian 22

    My reaction was:

    1. Ticket To Ride(c) on Android! Buy an Android!

    2. Worthless some places. Wait on buying Android!

    3. Android app not released. Cancel Android purchase!

    4. Android app sniffs out vulns! Buy Android! Wait, app not released!

    5. White hat waves off transport companies. Damn, buy iPhone 5!

    Mine's the one with the crackberry in the pocket...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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