back to article Micro Anvika goes titsup after Olympics fails to save its shops

The directors at Tottenham Court Road outfit Micro Anvika have called in the administrators after more than 28 years in business, The Channel can reveal. The firm appointed IP and business advisor Re10 on 17 September but continues to trade out of its three premises - two on TCR and one in Newcastle - albeit with fewer staff …


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  1. The Godfather


    Sad but inevitable day. Will be interesting to see who acquires the remains but odds are short. I said at the time of the CVA that it was unlikely to deliver and here we are less than 4 months later with final administration. Touche...

  2. TRT Silver badge


    I used to go here regularly for various bits... Spectrum, Amiga, PC, Apple... They were knowledgable and good value.

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    1. Chris 3
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      Very sad to see them go, as a Mac buyer I always to enjoy pottering about the shops in Tottenham Ct Road. But with the advent of Apple's own retails stores and indeed John Lewis' rather good Mac coverage, I found myself going less and less.

    2. The Godfather
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      That alas, is what happens when financial performance dips and companies try to find ways to adjust and lessen the pain...they so often make it worse

  4. Hollerith 1

    MA farewell

    It was cool and cutting-edge int he old days, but finally got too expensive and the kit they wee selling was always one behind the latest thing. They sold confidence: the staff seemed to know what they were talking about when punters were exploring the new world of PCs and laptops. I liked them a lot, slowly stopped going and frankly am surprised they lasted this long. Feel badly for the staff, but can't help feel that anyone good jumped ship ages ago.

  5. FanMan

    Squeezed till the pips squeaked

    Micro Anvika were the only people in Tottenham Court Road who didn't sneer at the word Macintosh. It's a real pity Apple couldn't leave space for loyalist vendors instead of sucking all the business into itself like a fruity black hole.

  6. ElNumbre
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    TCR really is no more...

    Not being from the big smoke, I do try and make an effort to get to TCR when I'm in the Capital, but 6 months ago I couldn't believe how much it had changed. So very few tech retailers, and those that are there seem almost more interested in selling phone cases or camera's than computers. MA seem like they're going to be another casualty and if they shut up shop, I don't see much point visiting TCR any more. Sad times.

  7. Steve 114

    2-bit store

    Stopped going to TCR when Proops left. They sold me two 1-bit ferrite memories in perspex, which made natty cufflinks. If you have them, they're mine - stolen in Amsterdam.

  8. AceRimmer1980


    I bought my first Amiga there in 1988. They ran out of them at the Commodore Christmas show, and promised that I could get one from the shop at the same price. So I did. And carried it on the train back to Bristol. And a 1084S monitor.

  9. dotdavid


    ""The final nail in the coffin was the Olympics - the directors expected an uptick [in store footfall] but that didn't happen," said Rupping."

    They expected an Olympics-related uptick in footfall? Really? Why?

    I'm not being flippant, I'm just genuinely curious. Do visitors to Olympic events often pop into electronics stores after watching a thrilling feat of athletic prowess, desperate for a new laptop?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Olympics

      If they did expect a pick up in sales, they were pretty unique. Most of the traders in and around Stratford got exactly what they'd predicted for ages; less business.

  10. Ben Naylor


    Good riddance to them. Ridiculously over-priced coupled with brain dead, rude staff. They only existed to serve the muppets who knew no better. (or were desperate on occasion, working in an office on Oxford street)

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Really sad

    I always found the staff helpful and one or two really knew their stuff, and in the past they've really pushed warranty repairs for me when they didn't need to. They were dead convenient and usually well stocked if you actually needed a bricks and mortar supplier, but sadly they were increasingly expensive to the point they became a last resort or just a shop window to browse. I never did understand why they had so many shops around Tott Ct rd though - three? Or was it four?

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