back to article IBM to debut Power7+ servers on October 3

The first Power7+ machines are fueled up and ready for launch on Wednesday, October 3. We've been telling you all about the impending Power7+ processors and speculating on the related servers for so long you probably think they are already here and can't figure out why they aren't available from IBM and its business partner …


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  1. Allison Park

    Power7+ and accelerators

    Will be interesting to see what they come out with. The + is taking a little longer than usual but the prior articles point to the introduction of accelerators which makes this far superior than just a die shrink.

    Curious as to where Itanic Poulson is? There is usually at least a three month lag between Intel announcing a chip which people can't actually use and HP announcing systems which use the chip which people can actually buy.

    In our shop the explosive data requirements are pushing the need for big systems as a way to stem the epidemic of intel boxes. AMD is no longer even considered especially since they said they are tired of competing with intel and want to move to mobile.


This topic is closed for new posts.

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