back to article EMC puts a bullet in its XAM storage access

EMC has killed its Centera XAM development, virtually signalling the end of the road for this object storage access protocol. XAM, aka the eXtensible Access Method, is an SNIA-developed and maintained initiative that was intended to become a standard way to access fixed-content storage devices, such as EMC's Centera and Atmos …


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  1. dreamcreamer

    typical for EMC

    Bet on a horse, cripple it and then shoot it.

  2. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge


    So.... does that mean there is an open market here for some kind of middleware, i.e. a daemon or library that accepts... well, XAM, or something, on one end, and the dozen proprietary methods on the other? Or, do the people that buys these things become so phobic of changing vendors that this is not an issue?

    I could see XAM not catching on if a) It was a "standard' that other vendors were *expected* to support, but in actuality was only supported by EMC. b) If XAM was pants (either bad by design -- i.e. hard to use, not feature complete compared to native libs, etc.... or, bad in terms of the implementation being slow and/or buggy.) But otherwise, I know for sure I'd rather code so my app is not tied to one vendor's product if feasible.

This topic is closed for new posts.