back to article OpenStack Foundation launches with $10m in funding

The OpenStack cloud controller and related projects developed under the Big Red O are finally and officially free of Rackspace Hosting, which has by and large been steering its development since July 2010, when the project was founded. Unsatisfied with the closed nature of VMware's vCloud and the quasi-proprietary nature of …


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  1. dssf

    I hope much success in this endeavor

    Hopefully, all the members that initially or are partially quasi competitor-turned-sponsors/supporters will behave.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Really useable yet?

    Hopefully the day will arrive when it's as easy to deploy as XCP. I've been following OpenStack closely and trying their releases. I though Essex was ready, but alas, it's still not really turnkey. So I go back to my custom Xen platform. What's the most amusing bit is that this is not really all that difficult at all. It's been done many times in-house. It's kind of amusing to me that all those supposed geniuses are taking this long to get it right. It is going in the right direction though. Maybe the next release will be ready for rapid deployment.

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