back to article SEC bars ex-Systemax veep from director role in fraud deal

The SEC has barred former Systemax veep Gilbert Fiorentino from being a director of a PLC again after finding he "fraudulently" pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation over five years. The disgraced exec, who had been CEO of the reseller's Technology Products Group, was put on administrative leave in April …


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  1. Fatman

    So, what!!!!

    I mean, really????

    Now, how about doing the same for all of those corrupt bwankers, and Wall street executives that crashed the economy.

    Would it really hurt if they were no longer be able to serve as a C level executive, or as a BOD member of publicly traded companies for the rest of their lives??

    But, no, not even a slap on the wrist for those bastards.

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