back to article Arise Sir Kevin, king of HP's enterprise channel

HP's UK enterprise partners of all ilk now fall under the control of channel stalwart Kevin Matthews in a long awaited re-org that the tech monster says will make it more agile. Earlier this year the US titan stitched together its PC and printing business, and merged its Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking (ESSN) arm …


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  1. Himagain

    Dragon or Dinosaur future?

    As an inhabitant of the last remaining penal colony in the far off land of Oz, watching the antics of the world is both instructive and confusing - despite the fact that distance DOES lend perspective.

    The revolving doors at HP have been an interesting saga for a long, long time.

    The company was born as a hi-tech NICE company.

    It couldn't win and can't in the future, one only needs look to the success of Apple to see that.

    A technical mish-mash of usually borrowed technology but FANTASTIC marketing right up there with Cosmetics " You will be 10 years younger in 10 days".

    The throwaway of HP's complete public image with that insane giveaway of products in an astounding example of self-mutilation may never be fully understood.

    Along with the absurdity of hiring people for the top job who had no relevant experience much less any relevant successful track record, is due to panic.

    (E.G. The lady who took over Yahoo - a decision nobody will ever understand except the Chinese who so desperate to get away from her will cough up SEVEN BILLION dollars to escape. )

    Can HP survive?

    Not by simply firing people, no.

    It means making decisions based on the CURRENTLY successful operators out there, who are, every one focused on HUSTLING and buying the pundits who make the share market..

    With all the money and technology that they own, even I could turn them around in 365 days........

    (Not a boast - an indicator of the simplicity...)


This topic is closed for new posts.

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