back to article Cisco EOLs ACE load balancer platform

Cisco is exiting the data centre load balancing market, confirming that it is ceasing development on its Application Control Engine product line. While only a back-alley in the Borg’s sprawling product line, the confirmation that ACE will be added to the Cisco end-of-life list will be a fillip for companies like F5, Radware, …


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  1. Nate Amsden Silver badge


    honestly surprised Cisco didn't go out and buy one of the smaller players and get some updated technology.. they have a little bit of spending money I hear..

    1. Ruairi

      Re: surprised

      Oh, but they did.

      Arrowpoint created the CSS platform. CSM was homegrown, ACE was homegrown.

      I'm not surprised about the ACE at all, it's not exactly the best platform out there.

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