back to article IBM scientists take image of atomic bonds

How’s this for a close-up: an image that can differentiate between the different chemical bonds in an individual molecule? That’s what IBM’s Zurich research lab is claiming in a paper published in Science. The paywalled piece is titled with the pizazz typical of science papers – Bond-Order Discrimination by Atomic Force …


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  1. Efros

    Not C60

    That aint a buckyball, No pentagons, I think that image is one of the " polyaromatic hydrocarbons, which have linked rings of carbon atoms at their cores."

    1. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge

      Re: Not C60

      Indeed, the abstract agrees with you too.

  2. EvanPyle


    1. Richard Chirgwin (Written by Reg staff)

      Not C60

      Thanks commentards for picking up the mistake in the original version. I've now correctly identified the molecule as nanographene - Richard Chirgwin

      1. Martin Huizing
        Big Brother


        Not sure if condescending or praising...

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: 'commentards'...

          A bit more detail, no pay-wall:

        2. John H Woods Silver badge

          Re: 'commentards'...

          "Not sure if condescending or praising..."

          You might be new here, it's just a traditional part of El Reg's rich heritage.

  3. Grikath
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    I have...

    my new desktop pic..


  4. mhenriday
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    Fantastic work -

    kudos to all concerned and thanks to Richard for posting this !...


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