back to article Australian gamers can get high and naked

Australian gamers will soon be able to legally indulge in violent, nude and drug fuelled games, thanks to the publication of new, long-anticipated Guidelines for the Classification of Computer Games that for the first time include an R18+ classification for games that can only be sold to adults. From January 2013, Australia …


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  1. Term

    War on drugs....

    Mass murder OK.

    Drug dealing morally reprehensible.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So is the adrenalin shot in l4d2 ok or not?

    1. Esskay

      "New R18+ classification allows nudity, drug use, but no sex or dealing"

      So presumably taking the adrenalin shot is ok, but you can't give it to anyone else to take.

      In all seriousness though, I'm hoping it'll have to be fairly gratuitous to get banned - like guiding a heroin-filled needle into a vein using a Wii controller whilst gripping the "rubber tube expansion dongle" between your teeth.

  3. Steve Brooks

    If its in line with current movie classifications you can have sex, or you can have violence, but you can't have sex AND violence, even if the two take part in different areas and are completely unrelated. For instance the spoof porn movie "Pirates" based on "Pirates of the Carribean" was actually released as two seperate films in Australia, one with all the sex, and one wth all the violence. So possibly we could have a video game with sex, OR a video game with violence, but not one with sex AND violence, should be interesting to see how the game makers get around that one!

  4. Ronny Cook
    Big Brother

    Not quite the same...

    So: `depictions of actual sexual activity and simulated sexual activity that are “explicit and realistic” outlawed. However the new classifications allow for “depictions of simulated sexual activity.”'

    So simulated sexual activity is OK as long as it is either unrealistic or not explicit. Apparently. (And isn't combined with violence, but sex+violence is grounds for Refused Classification for all media categories. under Australian law.)

    It's good to know that the guvvermint is OK with us shooting each other but getting hot & heavy is RIGHT out. We wouldn't want to encourage close human contact after all - it might lead to dancing.


  5. Thorne

    "So simulated sexual activity is OK as long as it is either unrealistic or not explicit."

    Does the woman "being in the mood" count as unrealistic?

  6. John Tserkezis


    We'll just buy them from overseas then, or where still restricted, pirate them?

    Just like before then? As I thought, it woudn't make a squat of difference.

  7. badmonkey
    Big Brother

    Highly realistic killing and brutal violence perfectly acceptable my children

    ...but as your chosen protectors, we must keep your innocent eyes away from your disgusting human reproductive organs!

    The plague of religiously based and inspired conservatism and hypocrisy remains with us.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Well - it's a nice two handed play..

    Everyone starts playing mummies and daddies / doctors and nurses from about 6 or 7 years old onwards... to full on sex from 10 - 12 onwards.....

    The online world is awash with a veritable sea of sex......

    I mean go to the youtube vids on breeding horses.... and they get a huge amount of hits....

    Sex is good, the energy is good - it's what you relish with gusto, before you succumb and become dust once again - for all eternity.

    And according to the statutes, it's illegal see people fucking in video games, do just exactly WHY is that bad / wrong - and how do they justify BANNING IT?

    I think sex in videos ought to actually be encouraged - but a NICE spectrum of spontaneous fucking to really wonderful loving relationships.

    Role Model it - show it... make the world a better place.

  9. Esskay

    Only a matter of time now...

    I can already hear A Current Affair and Today Tonight interns being told to pose as underage kids and walk into EB games and buy Grand Theft Auto V...No doubt with ominous music and a "won't someone think of the children" social group acting outraged...

    On a positive note, It's about bloody time to have the new rating, possibly paving the way for a realistic mario & princess storyline? Although a fat Italian plumber hitting onto a princess might not technically be a "benefit" of the new rating...

  10. mika7367
    Thumb Up

    Abou Time

    Any 7 year old with online access knows how to download games or inappropriate software using the Tor network or through Steam using Bittorrent, However it is good that the government has finally realised that games are not just for 10 year olds!

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