back to article 4K LCD TV output to outstrip OLED production

An interesting snippet here from market watcher NPD DisplaySearch: the momentum behind 4K x 2K TVs is rather greater than that behind large OLED sets. At least nine television makers have demo'd - some at the IFA show earlier this month - and said they will mass-produce very large LCD tellies with a 3840 x 2160 even though the …


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  1. Shane 4


    The evolution of HD TV

    1080p - Vivid colours and clarity on a screen that does not take up whole lounge room, Can see imperfections on actors skin

    4k Tv - Can now see tiny little hairs on actors skin

    8k Tv - Can now see the bacteria that lives on actors skin o.O


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Sarcasm

      The Actors Union then calls a strike until 4k and 8k TV is banned. The 'real HD' makes it easy to tell who has had a facelift and who hasn't.. Lawsuits abound as actors sue their plastic surgeons for supposedly botched facelifts, boob jobs etc etc.

      The makeup Artists also go on strike as the new HD makes it impossible for them to cover up all those embarrasing little 'zits' that everyone has.

      Then the Cameramen join in stating that the want more money to carry the HD Camera around.

      Cinemas go bust because they can't afford the 4k or 8k projectors.

      Household insurance premiums rise due to claims from TV owners whoose walls collapse under the weight of the monster 8k TV Panels.

      We are doomed I tell ye, doomed.

    2. Robredz

      Re: Sarcasm

      Along with every zit, open pore and blackhead

    3. Tokoloshe

      Re: Sarcasm

      They will always be able to rely on (probably ever more) lossy compression to smooth over their imperfections.

  2. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    I gave up...

    ...after paragraph five. Three of those first five paragraphs barely make sense due to missing or incorrect words.

    The spelling checker seem to be working ok. The grammar checker seems to be failing miserably.

    IMHO, if an author wants me to read his work, it's up to that one person to actually do the work to make it readable. It's not the job of the many readers to all have to do the work of interpreting, or mis-interpreting what the author intended to write.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I gave up...

      Probably he's tried to write his report on an iPhone 5.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Other Vendors are "4K ready" then ? here we go again. Lies Dam Lies and then there's LCD statistics.

  4. EddieD

    Can I get one without the telly bits?

    A 50" 4K screen, at least 1x Display Port, and 3 other digital video ports, and I'll be very happy.

  5. Ali on the Reg

    The elephant in the room

    What of content? Even if there was broad support for 4k/UltraHD content the infrastructure does not in effect exist to support data of those capacities. We'll have thousands of people with 4k sets watching 480/576 line content - much as we do now with FullHD.

  6. Schultz Silver badge

    The momentum behind OLED

    OLED and LCD are based on fundamentally different technologies -- so it shouldn't be a Betamax versus VHS question.

    The momentum behind OLED should come from the picture quality, the energy efficiency, and the possibility to create thin or flexible displays. If OLEDs can hold their position as high end niche product, it should eventually prove its technological superiority.

  7. Anonymous Coward


    Oh El Reg,

    Your standards do vary but this article is beyond the pale. A lot of it makes no sense in English, are you outsourcing your writing to an Indian Call centre? If I was the editor, I'd pull this one down and get it right before publishing it again. It lets down the quality of the whole site.

    Please, for your sake, and for mine as a reader and supporter of The Reg,

    Sort the grammar

  8. Tom 38 Silver badge

    Id buy a 4k TV set - seems like the best way to do simple polarized 'full def' 1080p 3D content.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Imagery ...

    One useful ability of the 4K format is that it can get closer to displaying digital images taken with a consumer camera at their full resolution. I've got no way of doing that except by printing my images (or buying a very expensive and relatively small computer monitor) and printed images are not backlit and that really improves the quality.

  10. aahjnnot

    Lack of content isn't an impediment

    People who say that no-one will buy 4K TVs because of a lack of content are missing the point. All the TVs in my house are now multipurpose devices used for things like gaming, viewing photos, web browsing. When these fall due for replacement, I'd willingly pay a premium to benefit from extra resolution for these secondary uses.

    When the devices are common, programme makers will provide the content.

    1. Shane 4

      Re: Lack of content isn't an impediment

      I'll still be buying one when I can pick up a 52 incher for under $5000, Also an 8k res tv as well and whatever else comes out as long as the price is right. At the moment though they are the price of a new car. I think I read not that long ago somehwere about the Sony 4k Bravia being in the high 20's, As in AU$20k just a tad out of reach for most households. heh

      I don't mind paying 1k premium more than mr joe average out there but 20k more is a kick in the pants for me.

  11. TJ 2 had your day...

    To all the Dinosaurs who have no idea what "content" there is that will make good use of this resolution, you stick with your poor-mans 1080p and enjoy... just shut up and quit bithcing, you probably can't afford one anyway.

    Anyone buying a 4K set will have a damm good reason to, these aren't the sort of consumer who goes to "Dixons" for advice on what TV to buy, with intent of watching their DVD collection on it....

    4K screens will have a high pixle density, upscaling 1080p content will be B E A U T I F U L....

    as for DVD? Fuckoff....DVD is a Dinosaur format... I don't watch ANYTHING below 720p.. or as I like to call it "fuzzyvision"...just not worth it.....

    Media is already available in 4k... if you have the money.....BlueRay could carry 4k media, it is a multi platter media. Streaming 4k doesn't need that much bandwidth, if you can afford 10k for set you could afford the cost of a decent connection to use a 4k service, remember this is inbound traffic so a 5-10Mb/s ADSL service would suffice. (i'm sure such services will pop up as soon as screens are readily available).

    You stick with your 80" 1080p sets with pixles the size of weetabix, I will move with the times.

    This ?> █

    This ?> ■

    This ?> ▪

    This ?> . Are you telling me this "▪" will not upscale 1080p nicely? Upscaling isn't a block resize it's an upsacle algorithm processing each frame..... DUH!.

    For "those of us who have MANY ways to use ANY extra resolution, and that goes beyond watching TV, we would greatly appreciate a move on from that shitty low resolution, HD, that has gotten us stuck with rubbish low-grade consumer screens for the past 10 years.

    I personally can't fucking wait for 4k and even 8k screens to become mainstream. Screens with that resolution, of a decent size can be used for so much more than plugging in your DVBT1 feed you know!

    Quite rightly pointed out, even to just work on photos, mine are 7360x4912 RAW out the camera, I would need 6 (yes SIX) 30" dell screens (2560x1600) to view them at native resolution. That is six screens. Six power leads. Six stands. Lots of electricity and waste, not to mention almost £6k to buy them.

    I would buy a 60" 8k screen without blinking.... mount it right in front of my desk, do my work.... and have the pleasure of being able to have a shit load of other ways to use it....

    Traders, designers, artists, CAD/CAM, anyone who uses music, video or graphics tools...would give a limb for 8k..... (traders as in those peeps with 6 HD screens in a semi-dome surrounding them like a pod, could have a single 60,70,80" screen with all their software open)

    So, you can stick your HD res where the sun don't shine, there is much more to life than worrying about watching DVD and SDTV on a screen....move with the times you damm Dinosaurs!

    1. Dick Emery
      Thumb Down

      Re: had your day...

      I'm perfectly happy with 1080p on my 50". Sure. If I was going for an 80"+ display I might consider it. But otherwise for the average Joe in the street it's overkill. Plus 4K is easier and cheaper to manufacture I am guessing. If it comes in at the same price as 1080p sets now then sure why not but I won't be 'upgrading' to it. I'll wait until OLED sets are affordable instead. I want the PQ and 50" is big enough for me right now. I am sure they will have 4K OLED in a few years anyhow to compete unless the manu's dump OLED altogether for lack of demand (hope not as it's taken this long to get to a situation where they promise to start selling them).

      1. TJ 2

        Re: had your day...

        @ Dick Emery

        Don't mistake my rant as a "LCD" preference.

        I would give an arm and a half for a 4k or 8k OLED screen, especially if it is colour managed correctly.

        My gripe is rubbish resolution, not the means or tech to provide/display it. As an IT pro and a photographer I can tell you things about things about things you really don't want to know.... but the crux of the issue is simple.

        HD resolution has been holding development back for years. CRT's were far better than modern HD LCD in terms of colour correctness and resolution. LCD should have, by now, already been at 4k as standard, even BlueRay should have moved us beyond HD, but no, here we are still pissing about with 1080p. I had 1280x1600 on my dual Sony CRT 15 years ago....ok they weighed 40kg but they were dam fine screens, far superior to "modern screens".

        Everyone seems to be happy with this piss poor resolution, which is OK for watching HD films, sure, but we could have much better and the capacity to do more with our screens than watch 400p upscaled like lego blocks.

        Once the market trend moves towards 4k, you watch and see how quickly these sets/screens become more than the "smart" screens around today.... it's coming... you 1080'ers have had your fun, time to move along....


  12. Christian Berger

    Again, more usefull as a computer screen

    Particularly for CAD work. Currently you can barely have more than an A4 page of content on a screen.

    With such a screen you could fit a whole A3 page onto your screen and even see every little detail just like on paper. Gone would be the times when you drew something through a peephole and then printed it out to look at it. You could finally actually actually work with the design on the screen.

  13. Inquisitive

    Nice TV's shame about the content provided.

    Looks like old vids and music vids will have to be rehashed again Blu Ray might not be good enough.

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