back to article Reviewers say ‘yes’ to Higgs boson data

Two months ago, CERN set the physics world a-fire with its Higgs boson announcement: the particle exists, they said, we’ve seen it, and it has a mass of between 122 and 131 GeV. At that point, the “discovery” entered a long formal process that’s taken another small step with publication – and therefore acceptance by peer …


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  1. Grikath
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    A rather ...impressive.. list of contributors in both articles, and a nice dedication showing how *long* the whole process has been.

    And the articles are not behind a paywall for a change.. *shock*

    1. richardcox13
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      Re: whoa!

      > And the articles are not behind a paywall for a change.. *shock*

      Indeed, and it gets better, from the "Open Access" section of each article:

      > his article is published Open Access is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0,

  2. Tom 35


    How is this rubber-stamping?

    1. jake Silver badge

      Re: rubber-stamping?

      Keywords: "close to".

      Meaning (in this context, roughly, paraphrasing, not speaking for the original author): "We are a gnat's ass away from being able to routinely assume Higgs boson actually can exist as described by prior calculation, and therefore feel free to use that data to help further our knowledge of particle physics, at least until somebody proves otherwise."

      Hope this helps.

      A toast to Peter Higgs ... and the folks who built & run the LHC ... is in order :-)

      1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

        Re: rubber-stamping?

        Before the "Higgs Boson", which Peter Higgs calls "the boson that has been named after me", there was the now so-named "mechanism", called the "Anderson, Brout, Englert, Guralnik, Hagen, Higgs, Kibble and 't Hooft mechanism" by Peter Higgs, which was developed by quite a few people, working together or in competition over many years (a UK postal strike was even involved in determining what paper went to print first), so you have to toast to them all:

        Philip Anderson

        Robert Brout

        François Englert

        Gerald Guralnik

        Carl Hagen

        Peter Higgs

        Tom Kibble

        Gerard t'Hooft

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  4. SwedishCodeMaffia

    yes yes very cool

    Now go find me some anti-gravitons for my hoverboard

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Do I understand this correctly, the mass of the particles that create mass is about 130GeV?

    1. richardcox13

      I suggest a view of

      (followed by parts 2 and 3), which briefly covers how a particle is a field and visa versa.

  6. CmdrX3
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    I know nothing of particle physics

    I simply trust that those working on the subject have a good grip on what's involved and how to avoid blowing us up... so far this mutual agreement of my blind stupidity and ignorance and their intelligence and knowledge has worked out well in the non-blowing up of us... well me in particular, fuck the rest of you ;-)

    I therefore am assuming that finding this bosun of Higgs is a great advance in our.. and when I say our, I mean their... understanding of the universe, life and everything. In which case. Well done guys, a remarkable achievement and thank you once again for confirming my trust by not blowing me up.

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