back to article Acer racks up Xeon E5s, picks fight with US server bad boys

It has been a while since Taiwanese server and PC maker Acer has made some noise in the server racket, but the company is plodding along after planting its seeds on United States soil in February 2011 with a revamping of its Xeon-based servers. Acer targeted Europe first – back in March 2010 – as the flag bearer for Advanced …


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  1. Ross K

    Acer Picks Fight With US Bad Boys?

    "HP and Dell are moving more and more to services and we are focusing more and more on hardware,"

    God help us all if Acer is looking to make gains in the server market.

    Based on my experience with the "quality" of Acer desktops and laptops, I'd say Dell and HP can rest easy.

    1. Bill Neal

      Re: Acer Picks Fight With US Bad Boys?

      Acer has always had a consumer grade crap product and a business grade quality product. Your comparison isn't really fair. I could just as easily say that based on my experience with the "quality" of HP & Dell laptops, I'd say (insert brand here) can rest easy. I'm not too impressed with Dell servers compared to HP, but the quality of both brands' servers & workstations are a world apart from their crap consumer products many people buy at their local retailer. Who can say Acer won't continue this trend?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Acer Picks Fight With US Bad Boys?

      We have a couple of older Acer servers here (dating back to 2008) - actually Gigabyte motherboards in there, nothing Acer-designed that I can see. They have been utterly reliable BUT don't show the signs of careful design (layout, airflow routing) as comparable HP and IBM models from that era. The less said about the "remote management" the better. What I found most lacking was documentation - really really bad compared to the big boys.

      Must agree with the other comment about consumer gear - IMO HP consumer laptops (even "small business" ones) have been much more problematic than equivalent Acers. But with branded servers HPs have been the best, with IBM/Lenovo a close second. That said, I still think Supermicro offers the best value for money.

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