back to article Oz cinema chain to stream new releases

Australian cinema chain Hoyts will launch its own video-on-demand streaming service in the first quarter of the New Year. Hoyts Stream, as the new venture will be called, will support multi-device access and offer consumers a pay-as-you-go model for new release as well as classic movies and TV content. Hoyts Stream will …


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  1. tkioz

    Sounds interesting, the questions now are if the price will be stupidly high (i.e higher then the ticket to the cinema) and how much of a PITA will the service be to use (i.e will be it simpler to torrent it).

    Too many companies rush out "services" that are stupidly expensive and annoyingly complex to use.

    1. Magani

      In the immortal words of Monica Dickens,

      Emma Chisit?

      1. Mike 29

        Re: In the immortal words of Monica Dickens,

        Oovie is $3:50 a night and has all kinds of freebies and discounts on top of that, and I can still barely be bothered to commit to turning up 2 days running to the supermarket.

        That would make $4 a good price for "just out of the theater" streaming, then I might watch more than 2 newest release movies a year. And yeah, I don't pirate them either.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Unless its in full HD, and downloadable to any device I own, I am not interested, I'd rather buy a BluRay then rip it if I want it on my NAS...

  3. tmTM

    If they were able to stream moveis currently available at the cinema then it's a great idea.

    I'm sick of the rubbish (Cinema Experiance) excuse the industry bleats at the public as justification for not rolling out a streaming service.

    The 'Cinema Expericance' shouldn't involve emptying your wallet for a couple of tickets, and then emptying it again for a few snacks.

    Last time I went to the cinema I took one look at the prices for everything, and realised we could go out for a nice meal for the same money - so we did.

    1. tkioz

      Re: Cinema Experience

      The "Cinema Experience"... you mean uncomfortable chairs, sticky floors, annoying and obnoxious people all around you, expensive yet strangely horrible snacks, and the inability to go take a leak without missing something (seriously what happened to intermission? even 3 hour movies don't have them anymore...).

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