back to article Facebook seals Instagram buyout for roughly $715m

Instagram founder Kevin Systrom is totally "psyched" to see his company merge with Facebook, even after the deal ended up being much lower than the initial $1bn price tag initially offered by Mark Zuckerberg. The value of the buyout has tumbled because when Systrom agreed to Facebook's acquisition proposal back in April this …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Personally I would start offloading the Facebook shares as soon as possible....

    but still, $300million isn't bad...

    1. Thomas 18
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      wonder if there's a contractual clause limiting how fast/if they can offload them. Sounds like the kind of thing lawyers would do.

  2. Thomas 18
    Thumb Up

    He should have added

    "Instagram is now also selling Facebook stock at rock bottomer prices, if anyone is interested PM me k."

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So, a zero revenue company

    Buys another zero revenue company for a lot of money. How do they do that?

    1. Cave Dweller

      Re: So, a zero revenue company

      Prolly something like this:

    2. Ralph B

      Re: So, a zero revenue company

      > Buys another zero revenue company for a lot of money. How do they do that?

      Maybe with your pension fund dosh?

      1. dssf

        Re: So, a zero revenue company... Visualizing two zeros in a sac sack...

        I hope I don't feel their pinch-ons on my funds...

        GODS, it would be really awesome to have an idea that makes a product (not a "product") that commands a following and generates even just a few million$ a year.... But with vastly fewer bodies on the payroll. Just imagine their monthly burn rate on wages, salaries, benefits... And all the real estate and furniture leasing, plus those cafes, rec centers, shuttle buses...

        Hell, fb probably could have invested in Sharp had they had a crystal ball. Maybe fb could invest in Sharp, then Apple in turn invests in the two of them and milks them both? Oh, wait... Don't wanna give any ideas, hahahaha (besides, it might be funny to see Apple take a huge investment chunk in a company ms hugely invested in, only to spar with ms, tho a few years back ms invested in Apple to avoid the risk/appearance of destroying a small but growing competitor.)

  4. Dave 15


    Its gambling with other peoples money. Hoping that other people are stupid enough to keep piling cash into a 'pension fund' which they can keep gambling on stupid ideas with no value in the hope that if they are seen to put money in some other mug will put more in and then they can sell the worthless paper for more than they bought it. Its worse than the old fashioned chain-mails that went around because it is even less intelligent..

    What a con and governments like the UK's are FORCING people into funding it. I ask you, the Conservatives vehemently opposed the opening of 'super casinos' because they would encourage gambling but FORCE people to have a pension scheme which is exactly gambling.... I guess though it is gambling which they as current share holders and board members stand to make a packet from.

    1. Hieronymus Howerd

      Re: Gambling

      You are forced into nothing. You can opt out of the Workplace Pension scheme:


      Do you make all of your major financial decisions based solely on your own determination to be ignorant and angry?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Gambling

    Hieronymus Howerd, you sound like a Pension Fund manager....

    Most people don't read the small print you know and most people don't have the time. It's like EULAs, no-one reads them and you have to accept them if you want to use X product that you are basically forced to because they have a monopoly or whatever to you don't have a real choice. Also you can't expect the average person to understand small print and legal speak and Pension Schemes.

  6. LoCatus

    New world challenge.

    Now that the deal is done.

    I challenge the world to stop using instagram. See how long it takes to make little Master Zuckieberger cry.


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