back to article WD touts slimline external HDDs

"Skinny external hard drives for all!" shouted Western Digital today while launching an 11mm-thick USB 3 unit. WD My Passport Edge The WD My Passport Edge, available in separate NTFS format for Windows boxes and Journaled HFS+ for Mac OS X - the latter has an aluminium edge for extra fanboy appeal - offers 500GB of svelte …


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  1. Wibble

    500Gb is pretty small

    Ooh, look at my little one. Not only is it small on the outside, but it has little capacity either, barely enough for a time machine backup.

  2. Ron1
    Thumb Up

    2.5" HDDs today are at 500GB per platter:

    7mm 1 platter

    9.5mm 2 platter - standard laptop drive, 1TB

    12.5mm 3 platter

    15mm 4 platter, 2TB

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