back to article IT distribution titan Tech Data to gobble UK's SDG for $350m

Technology products distributor Tech Data (TD) has swallowed Specialist Distribution Group (SDG) for $350m (£220.3m) in a deal that is subject to regulatory approval from the EU's competition authorities. As revealed by The Channel some months back, UK Midlands-based Specialist Computer Holdings (SCH), SDG's parent, was …


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  1. The Godfather

    Inevitable shift..

    Undoubtedly a good timely buy for TD with segments moving into and complementing those within TD. It's a Roller-Coaster ride that doesn't stop for long.

    Have a feeling however that longer term, this will limit choice for both Manufacturer and Reseller and may be a contributor to further margin erosion in component and product supply given market share aims and aspirations of the major players.

    Mind you, when big boys at the top scrap, there's rich pickings for those further down...until they themselves get fat enough to be another tasty morsel.

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