back to article LOHAN poses for sexy wide-angle vid

There's always a frisson of excitement when we take delivery of some new kit at the Special Project Bureau's mountaintop headquarters, and last week the bloke with the big white van drew up at the door to drop off the latest piece of Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) kit - a GoPro HD HERO2 camera. Click here for a …


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  1. bill 36

    A Special Projects Bureau production in association with

    I can't believe you missed the opportunity to put a small "re" in front of one of your suppliers.

    Good luck

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    GoPro Battery BacPac

    You can also extend the battery life with the Battery BacPac option:

  3. DangerousDan

    Extend LOHAN's endurance with new back door.

    FYI, you can get a battery bacpack for the GoPro that will double the run time:

    it comes with a replacement backdoor so you can still run as a sealed unit.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    .....where was the NSFW warning before that gratuitous bikini shot!!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nothing like the distortion of a GoPro lens to show the curvature of the Earth.

  6. DanDanDan
    Paris Hilton

    Suction cup?

    I hope I'm just stating the obvious, but just in case... suction cup at high vacuum?

  7. Tim Wolfe-Barry

    High Speed Vid...

    If that's a 60KM ride in 3 minutes, then the apparent speed of the vehicle is 750 mph (1200 kph). By a curious coincidence, the Thrust SSC land speed record is 763 mph, so the vid give you a pretty clear idea of what Andy Green saw on those runs.

    Of course he did it on the flat in a desert, I think the vid also demonstrates why, the apparent Gs in the corners you took would be extraordinary!

  8. Eugene Crosser
    Thumb Up


    the vid makes me want to come visit the area!

  9. Steve 6

    To the Lohan team: an alternative to the GoPro

    The GoPros ARE good cameras, but their physical profile could be a significant issue for this project.

    I've used various cameras on my own planes. I eventually settled with the Foxtech HoryzonHD (also 1080P). The quality is a whisker short of that of the GoPro, the menu probably not as friendly and the buttons are impossible, but the profile can be made to be very minimal. This means considerably less drag and it is less likely to cause issues of balance. And it is lighter (and cheaper).

    It might be worth a look.

  10. Johnny Canuck

    I may have missed it somewhere in all the previous LOHAN articles, but is there a rough estimate of the launch date?

  11. JDC
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    Barco de Avila

    Ooh, the castle at Barco. Been past there on my bike a fair few times, heading towards Extremadura. Lovely area of the country.

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