back to article New deals for Virgin Sim punters

Virgin has updated its Sim-only offerings, pitching "truly unlimited data and texts" no matter what you pay each month. There are four monthly price bands: £12, £15, £17 and £25, though the latter can be had by Virgin Media subscribers for £20 who also get to call other subscribers free on all four deals. They're all 30-day …


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  1. Platelet


    So what are the fair use limitations on the truely unlimited data then?

    1. frank ly

      Re: FUP

      On their cable internet service (with 1GB a day 'fair use' limit), they step the speed down to 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 of maximum as you pass various trigger points in the 1-2GB range. I'd be very surprised if they didn't do something similar with their mobile service.

    2. baddogshuck

      Re: FUP

      1GB data, and 3000 texts according to the FUP

      1. davemcwish
        Thumb Up

        Re: FUP

        Looks good to me. I'm currently on a rolling monthly with Virgin with 250 mins, 500Mb Mobile Web, 3000 Texts for £10/month. As I don't use the phone a lot I can switch to the new £10/month deal and get double the data allowance or spend and extra £2/moth and get the 'Unlimited' package.

  2. Nathan 13

    So even "TRULY unlimited" has a FUP.

    Just what description of unlimited will actually be what us consumers understand by the term "unlimited"

  3. James 100

    Truly unlimited* (* - for the first 1 Gb and 3000 texts)

    That really is taking the mickey for mislabeled "unlimited" offerings. Does it allow tethering, or is that another limit they keep quiet about?

    Still, earlier today a retention salesdrone tried to tell me their broadband was better because "it's got more fibre". In salesdrone-land, apparently their fibre ends at the end of my driveway, while the BT fibre (FTTC) "only" comes as far as the green cabinet at the end of my street. Funny, the green cabinet at the other end of the street seems very full of Virgin fibre-coax converters to me ... Once she tried to tell me the fibre had to stop in the street not in houses "because of Elf n Safe-T" I'd have switched away from Virgin just on principle!

    For my own mobile usage, Orange's £15.50/month (£5 off if you sign for a year, plus £50.50 cashback = £6.29/month!) seems pretty good. Not a huge data allowance, but you can tether in emergencies (£1/day extra) and can use a lot of non-free WiFI hotpots too (TheCloud?). I've never liked the idea of having usage limits - but I prefer them to "unlimited (with a limit we lie about)".

  4. NeilMc

    and yet still no Micro Sims for Apple devices

    Left Virgin after over 5 years as they are not able to deliver micro sims or Apple phones.

    Joined Voda who seem to have poorer network coverage and call connection rates, but now carry just one device.

    You pays your money and makes your choice....

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: and yet still no Micro Sims for Apple devices

      Ever heard of a remarkable device called a sharp knife or even shock, horror a pair of scissors?

      If the above didn't suit then why didn't you buy a micro-sim hand punch off of ebay for around five squid?

      I've personally resorted to using my own teeth to cut a sim down to size while abroad and that didn't kill me or the SIM.

      1. Robert Grant Silver badge

        Re: and yet still no Micro Sims for Apple devices

        You gnawed at your SIM til it was the size Apple wanted? Apple punters are frickin religious zealots :)

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  6. M Gale

    Still doesn't match Three's One plan.

    Granted Three don't have the best signal, but they still have the best data service by far and they can still maintain a signal all the way through a 15 mile bus journey.

    Come on, rest of world. Catch up, why don't you?

    1. HMB

      Re: Still doesn't match Three's One plan.

      I find Three's signal better than Vodafone.

      I asked at the Three shop "so this Unlimited Internet, what's the limit on it?"... I was told that there was none and as an example, they knew of one customer who used 81Gb on his phone in a month and wasn't charged any extra.

      I've used my phone for Internet when moving into a place over WiFi tether and watched iPlayer daily and never had a problem from Three. I must have used at least 10Gb that month.

      1. vic 4
        Thumb Up

        Re: Still doesn't match Three's One plan.

        Agree with you on three. I must use over 10G a month easily with tethering, skype, netflix and spotify. Signal is good too, round here at least. I've long since bothering switching on wifi when I've at home unless I need to access something behind my firewall.

        Just wish they could come up with a reasonable fee when abroad.

  7. john devoy

    Are we talking 1gb a day or a month for this unlimited data?

  8. Gadget Rage is BAD

    I don't exist according to Virgin

    They claim to cover 99% of the population yet my 3 year old house a few miles outside Edinburgh seems to be in the 1%. I'll stick to 3 then thanks.

  9. davemcwish

    Cut down SIM in iPad

    Has anyone tried a Virgin SIM in an iPad ? I currently have a Three PAYG in mine and it was OK until I tried it when I was on holiday in Germany recently and it consistently failed to give me a connection. My N8 on Virgin appeared to OK.

  10. NickPev

    It is worse than you think!!

    I have just found the FUP for Mobile Web (Not the hardest to find but not that easy);

    "With Virgin Mobile, you can download up to 25Mb a day in the UK (that's around 250 web pages a day). It doesn't include making internet phone or video calls, peer to peer file sharing, using your phone as a modem, or using the Mobile Web or the Virgin Media site on your mobile while you're abroad. If you do want to do any of these things, it'll cost the per MB data rate for your tariff. "

    Not the definition of Unlimited

  11. get off

    FUP? It's as clear as mud to me. I haven't found the one you found, as above buy two different ones.

    This is back to 'ye olde days' when phones simply weren't capable of consuming 'stuff', like they are now.

    Don't advertise it as one thing, when it's simply the same as a 'honest' limited tariff, as advertised by another company.

    One 'definition' of 'unlimited' is dated for customer who signed up before June 12th

    Definition 1) 3GB per month

    'Terms and Conditions for Mobile Broadband' (or is this not mobile 'broadband' but mobile 'web', in which case see below)

    Definition 2) 1GB per month

    'Our Fair Use Policies'

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