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Take a good close look at your favourite multiplayer first-person shooter and chances are it owes much of its weapon balancing, map structure and pacing to Counter-Strike. A tactical, team-based Half-Life mod which first saw light of day in 1999 – having itself been influenced by the brilliant but glitchier Action Quake 2 – …


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  1. Travis Hayler


    And more EPIC!

  2. Bastard Operator From Hull

    Just as long as doesn't follow TF2 and become the worlds leading Hat Simulator

    1. Shane8

      Re: Just as long as

      TF2 is a disgrace to be related to TFC!

      I am looking forward to getting CS:GO.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Just as long as

        To be fair to TF2, the gameplay is still rock solid. It's Valve's TF2 monetisation strategies that leave a lot to be desired.

  3. Peter 26

    I'm really enjoying CS:GO, its got me back into it since not playing CS for years.

    The original CS was great, then they made CS:S which was more of a test to make sure they could port a mod to their new Source engine, full with annoying movable barrels etc "because the new engine can do it".

    CS:GO is the port to the source engine it should have been in the first place, it's great, smooth. Improvements are made where necessary. I think this is the version that will get people off playing the old version of CS.

  4. Lee Dowling Silver badge

    I have to say, as a 1.6 user who couldn't get used to CS:S, CS:GO is a significantly well-executed modernisation. I have over 100 hours on it now, having been in the Beta. There's game modes in there that seem whimsical but are perfect for practice and warm-up (and were existing in mods for even 1.6), and to bring in a generation brought up on console games (but still not modes you can win by just running and spraying).

    And the competitive mode (i.e. the "traditional" CS gameplay) is just as good, but prettier.

    There are a few niggles and there are things that people won't like (hell, I still keep pressing the wrong radio messages because they removed "Storm The Front!") but as an iteration it's a very good update. Made by Hidden Path, who also made Defense Grid, so kudos to them.

    But then, I actually enjoyed CS:CZ for adding flavour to 1.6-like gameplay (and, yes, some things were mistakes in that but it extended the life and enjoyment for me by quite a margin).

  5. Shaun 1


    CS is the only game I've ever played as part of a clan, but like many others, I also stopped playing after 1.6.

    Thankfully the internet at my new place is terrible, otherwise I'd end up losing too much of my time to this

  6. Greg J Preece

    CS:GO is definitely way better than the shitpile that was CS:S. It looks better, plays better, and is much closer to 1.6. But it's all the same maps AGAIN. Seriously, can we knock this crap off? I know there are some new ones in there, but you'll never see them, mainly because of my other, much bigger problem with the game:

    The players.

    First game I played of CS:GO, I connected to a map running Italy....which was immediately changed to Dust. So I switched servers to one playing a different map....which was immediately changed to Dust. Several votes for other maps were launched, which were all immediately overridden by the admin for Dust 2.

    I am so. Fucking. Sick. Of the sight. Of Dust.

    1. Lee Dowling Silver badge

      Welcome to the public Internet, where your opinion counts for nothing against seven billion kids.

      You want to play a different map? Make your own server where map voting is disabled for everyone else. That's how it was on CS 1.6, how it has been on every game since, and how it will be in the future too. Same for vote-kicking, "Go away, I only want to play with my friends", timewasters, AFK's, TK'ers and everything else.

      And there are tons of maps, all being converted over to CS:GO. The problem is that there are too many and most of them are rubbish because it's HARD to make a good, balanced, fun map. The ones that are those things are being converted now and/or are already in place. There may even also be copyright issues (i.e. if someone ELSE made the map, surely you need their permission to convert it to CS:GO unless you want to try to recreate it from scratch?). And 99.9% of the map is actually making it look acceptable - there are a ton of texturing and other problems that would make even the simplest of map conversions look ugly without the original artists going back and retexturing the whole thing in greater detail.

      Personally, I don't care about the maps. They are mere details. The maps I know, I've remembered in intricate detail already and they play little part in the game because they are so well balanced and you can just ignore them. Switching to new maps, I lose half my rounds just because I didn't realise you *could* hide up there, or come from behind, or snipe through that gap, or whatever else.

      There is one, cast-iron, guaranteed way to solve both your problems. Run your own server. It costs hardly anything (I've never been in a clan but I've *ALWAYS* had my own server for CS 1.6 and CS:CZ), you can stop people voting the map changes and ruining your game, and you can have whatever maps you like on there. And there's nothing more satisfying, when that random idiot joins your server, than just booting them out - no questions asked, no votes required, no other-user participation necessary.

      Rule #1 - if random users are annoying you, stop them getting in. Works for spam, port-scans, and idiots on game servers.

  7. Tom 38

    Go - it's better than source, but not as good as 1.6 or CZ.

    Still gonna be playing CZ for public, 1.6 for mixes tbh.

  8. stu 4

    gang bang

    i've lost count of the number of times I've clicked on a link like that to find it's not as good as I was expecting...

    I thought it was only our US friends who confused beating people up with group shagging....

  9. Smallbrainfield


    The link at the bottom of the review points to Darksiders 2, shurely shome mishtake?

    Never played CS, but I might have a punt on this if there's a Steam offer around the corner. It would have to be pretty damn good to beat the thrill of a decent BF3 conquest battle.

    1. Robert Grant
      Thumb Up

      Re: Erm...

      I promise you that NOTHING in the world of gaming that I've stumbled across has ever matched the feeling of being last on your team and winning, when you know that with the chasecam a lot of people are watching you play.

      Except when you're the last and you down multiple terrorists and defuse the bomb.

      Except when you're the last and you sneak past multiple terrorists who've run away from the bomb before the blast and you manage to defuse.

      Except when you're the last you kill the last person on their team by dropping down behind them and silently knifing them. And you KNOW your whole team is - somewhere, scattered across the world - shouting unheard encouragement at their monitors.

      1. Smallbrainfield
        Thumb Up

        Re: Erm...

        You've sold me on it, right there. (Even though I'm crap at FPS and the chances of me ever being last player alive are somewhat slim.) :D

    2. Caleb Cox (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Erm...

      Apologies for that, updated the link now.

  10. Spoonsinger

    Cool, but...

    now they really need to do this "going back to the original" thing for Day Of Defeat as well.

    1. Andy Farley

      Re: Cool, but...

      Hell yeah. The betas were so much better.

      Of course the last time I tried to play an FPS online my wrists felt like broken crockery after an hour.

  11. Mike Green
    Thumb Up

    We used to play this at Team17 regularly at lunch and in the evening

    So so much fun.... Then I got addicted and they all started playing other stuff so I went online to feed my hunger, and got my head kicked in so much. Still I persevered, and got better and better till I could hold my own. When the teamsters took it up again, I massacred so many players with diving round the corner headshots and pin point accuracy it really shows you how much harder it is when you go international after playing a local team!

  12. DaeDaLuS_015


    Contrary to what is written here, i prefer CS: S having played them all (competatively, for a long time, on CS: S). I don't like the way the guns feel in CS: GO, then again i didn't like the way they felt in CS 1.6 either so that's just me.

    The graphics aren't the best (could everything look more round? It's almost like someone has attacked the screen with a brush to make damned sure you can never see a jagged edge on anything). The guns all look like twigs when you hold them, the rifles look like a damned joke, have any of you seen a rifle? They are big, not like some fisher price toy.

    Gameplay wise, it's fine, more counterstrike, not much in the way of innovation going on there and as someone said it's the same maps but then, people love the maps so i don't have much of a problem with that. None of the guns seem to be accurate at all (yes, yes, ofcourse it's my aim, thanks for pointing that out) after the 20th time of scoping a guys head, firing and hitting nothing it gets old.

    It's bad enough that it's gone on the stack of games i probably won't play again, still in it's defence, atleast it was cheap.

    Flame away.

    1. Dcope

      Re: Meh

      Im in some agreement with you, got it as soon as i could played a few rounds and it all just feels too loose a bit like TF2 does.

      Maybe im spoiled by to much battle field and the likes but dosnt feel accurate, and i played 1.6 when you had to manually install it.

    2. InsaneLampshade

      Re: Meh

      I agree with you too. CS:S player here, but CS:GO just doesn't feel right. I mean it's all on the source engine still, but everything's been tweaked to buggery. :(

      The gun sounds are horrid, accuracy is questionable (mostly due to those tracers going no-where near where your bullets are actually hitting), no silencers, fancy graphics make it harder to distinguish friendlies/enemies/background, sprays disabled by default, even the reticle feels wrong (though console commands can fix it to some extent).

      It's also quite clear it's aimed at the console market. Next to no options in the menu, server browser has been shafted in favour of a matchmaking system that's worthless for any kind of non-casual play. Where's the progress bar when you join a server? I don't want to sit there looking at the console trying to figure out why it's sat there for 5 mins not doing anything when we had a perfectly good progress bar in 1.6 and source (hell, the game is pretty much effectively CS:S with some tweaks, why remove the progress bar, why remove all the menu options?) Another shocker is the "turn 180 degrees" button, I can understand the need for that on console (though tbh do twitch shooters really work on console in the first place?), but why keep it in place on PC, that's just not right man, use some skill not hit a button!

      I played it for a few hours then went back to CS:S.

      The current/peak player count on Steam speaks for itself, note the respective positions of 1.6, CS:S, and GO.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Meh

        It has been possible to create your own simple script that will rotate you 180 degrees and then bind it to a key since counter-strike's first beta. They may have removed it more recently but I haven't played in years so I can't verify it.

  13. squigbobble
    Thumb Up


    So they've basically made the gungame mod into a built-in game mode and renamed it Arms Race? Unoriginal but a good way to get casual gamers in as it is pretty much the most casual mod for it. Hopefully they didn't do the jailbreak mod as well, that's enormously annoying.

  14. Trokair 1
    Thumb Up

    Gotta try it

    I skipped all of the "new" CS games after the original but this has my interest peaked. Especially the new game modes, they sound like a blast. This is what I feel like Blizzard should have done with Diablo. When you have a fantastic game built on sound principles running 10+ years you try not to screw with it too much. Innovate too little and you fall behind, try to innovate too much and you lose the structure that made the game great. Hopefully this gets it just right. Off to start Steam.

  15. foo_bar_baz

    Exploits already in use

    Played CS:GO last night, some guy had a speed hack and killed everyone in the other team. Server emptied pretty quick. At least he was brazenly obvious about it.

    Back to other games, preferably ones that involve imbibing malted beverages.

    1. Simon Aspland

      Re: Exploits already in use

      I was hoping they would been dealing with exploits in this games as it's 'new'

      It's not fun playing on a CS:S server with a player who keeps getting multiple headshots and tracks other players through walls (watching them as a spectator), then claim they are just better players when you call them on it.

  16. Select * From Handle
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    Was playing this last week.

    My review is, yes at first it looks all new. But infact after a few maps it still has the same mechanics as source prolly more closer to 1.6. the molotovs are a nice edition. i think its a good game but when i play it i am looking at it thinking "this is just a CS graphics update" no new maps. But my fav quote i heard in game chat is "its worth a tenner though" which it most definitely is!

  17. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Yes.. and no... but YES!

    OK, so I played it for a solid five hours the other night after downloading it, so I suppose it can't be that bad. But WHY, WHY, WHY can't we have ironsight views? So sick and tired of the unrealistic aiming crosshair getting lost in the scenery, and it would be simple to introduce seeing as most of the weapons have now lost their alternate fire function. And the scoping is too fast - in DoD they have a delay between you going to scope and the picture coming into focus, which reduces the instances of AWPwh0res running around corners and instantly scoping you. And when are we getting silencers back?

    On the plus side, the new incendiary grenades and Molotovs are fun (if a little unoriginal), and some of the new weapons are a hoot. The achievements are a good idea too as you can compare and brag, but that is tainted slightly by the fact many of them can be achieved against the bots in solo play.

    Last point is a warning - it seems to set the verbal coms to max volume by default, meaning if you join a server with a screaming eejit you will get a painful earbashing before you manage to find the option to turn it down a bit.

    1. foo_bar_baz
      Thumb Up

      Re: Yes.. and no... but YES!


      I found myself muting screaming/singing/mouthbreathing players a lot. Done by holding ALT and using cursor keys to select a player, then hitting Del.

    2. bean520

      Re: Yes.. and no... but YES!

      "But WHY, WHY, WHY can't we have ironsight views? So sick and tired of the unrealistic aiming crosshair getting lost in the scenery"

      uhhh was CS ever meant to be realistic? i've never heard of jumping around and spaying bullets in a real warzone

      " And the scoping is too fast"

      CS is a fast game, it is not about realism, it is about split-second reactions that make or break

      wrt the rest i do agree :)

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    If only Action Half-life (the successor to AQ2) had taken off like CS. We could have avoided a whole generation of crap FPS games focused on hyper-realism that Counter-Strike seemed to spawn (CoD, MW, I'm looking at you).

  19. Dabooka

    Alas, no CS for me....

    as I'm one fo the few unlucky souls unfortunate enough to have a PS3 in Europe, and as such can't download it. Which is such as shame as a few pals and I are looking forward to the nostalgia trip!

    If I were Valve I'd be livid at the clusterfuck that is SCEE.

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