back to article Facebook shoves your face in Microsoft's Bing thing

Microsoft has inked yet another search deal with Facebook that this time allows users to find photos in Bing that were uploaded to the world's biggest social network. It would seem that Redmond's $240m stake in Mark Zuckerberg's company back in 2007 is still proving fruitful for the software maker. Microsoft has been making …


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  1. ratfox

    "On Bing, your Facebook privacy settings are always respected"

    Oh, good to know that Microsoft is following Facebook's lead on privacy…

  2. Fuzz

    facebook privacy

    It doesn't matter how you set the "privacy" settings your personal data can always be shared by others.

    If you upload a photograph to facebook and tag one of your friends that picture can be seen by all the friends of your friend. Those friends of friends are free to comment on your photo, when they comment on your photo their friends (3rd generation) are now able to see the photo and the comment.

    So the only answer to facebook privacy is not to have a facebook account.

    1. Test Man

      Re: facebook privacy

      WRONG. Friends of people tagged can only view the post IF the "audience selector"'s options have been set that way (by default, the "Friends of those tagged" option is selected).

      Comments from friends of tagged people ARE NOT VISIBLE to their friends (unless they are also friends of the person who originally made the post).

    2. Jediben

      Re: facebook privacy

      Or to not have any friends.

      <-- Going out for another long walk. Alone.

  3. MJI Silver badge

    Bit useless

    Most people use Google or Yahoo - Bing does not sound like a search engine, but a tinplate toy manufacturer.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

    2. J. R. Hartley

      Re: Bit useless

      Yahoo?? What's that?

      1. Ged T

        Re: Bit useless

        When I search Yahoo! on my computer, it goes Bing!

        I'll get me coat...

        1. Mike Flugennock

          Re: Bit useless

          Ahh! I see you have a machine that goes "bing"!

  4. J. R. Hartley


    Facebook and Microsoft.

    Two of my favourite companies.


  5. Only me!

    Market opening for a real search engine!!!

    For a search engine that just searches "sites" and not Faceslap or Google minus

  6. dssf

    Why don't these f*ckers tell us when they are sharing OUR SHIT ...

    Why don't these f*ckers tell us when they are sharing OUR SHIT with parties we may not want having them?

    Had I considered this, I might have started removing my photos. I don't necessarily want msoft harvesting MY SHIT, possibly trying to read my mind, advert tools to me, or beat me to something.

    Thanks a lot, facef*ck... Yet, another reason to share less of my stuff on fb. Even if for strategic planning they cannot reveal they are in M&A talks with another party, they could at least not suck in the photos until after they strike a plan. Then, if the plan fails because 800,000 people ask, "WHAT the fuck did you SAY? You want to give MICROsoft MHY PHOTOS without my permission? What? Your TOS/EULA gave you permisstion and I should have read better?"

    So what. Fuck fuckface. Time to stop posting non-generic photos on fb...

    1. dssf

      Re: Why don't these f*ckers tell us when they are sharing OUR SHIT ...

      And, THAT was not "continuity of service". That was unadulterated, shameless GREED!

    2. Joseph Haig

      Re: Why don't these f*ckers tell us when they are sharing OUR SHIT ...

      I think you misunderstand your relationship with Facebook. You are not the customer - you are the product.

    3. Rick Giles

      Re: Why don't these f*ckers tell us when they are sharing OUR SHIT ...

      "Why don't these f*ckers tell us when they are sharing OUR SHIT" - "But you agreed to the terms!" - Steve Jobs ala Southpark.

    4. JasHunt

      Re: Why don't these f*ckers tell us when they are sharing OUR SHIT ...

      Why do you have to be so angry? You got some serious issues.

      1. dssf

        Re: Why don't these f*ckers tell us when they are sharing OUR SHIT ...

        You're damned right I have issues. The problem with this is that when we share friends, we sometimes indicate "friends of friends". If we forget that, then eventually, some employer, stalker, or miscreant gets privs to see stuff JUST because biing will serve it up until we tighten up again.

        Fortunately, IIRC, i removed "friends of friends". Still, to hell with the TOS. This should be about continuity of service, not c*sucking their way to profitability by whoring out our photos. What's next? They'll start doling out our messages with names purportedly redacted? Even if they did/do that, the context can still point to some people pretty fast if they say, "Oops, we had a bug that didn't redact names of places, URLs, and other personally-identifying information..."

        To the down-thumbers, one day, you'll reflect regretfully for your calllous, ham-fisted response. (Just as I am regretting giving fb too much of my life....). It'll only be a matter of time before somebody has their stuff exposed when ms does another joint-venture with law enforcement, not just marketing and manufacturers. That'll be pretty interesting, reading of such things in the papers....

    5. Mikel


      Why would you post to the Internet photos you don't want to share with all the world?

  7. Anonymous Coward


    Round our way, the term "Bing" is slang for cocaine (a friend told me), which put's a different slant on articles discussing MS's search engine.

  8. Rick Giles

    Iv've been contemplating it any way...

    I think it's about time to cancel the FB account. If there is one of those annoying "exit sruveys" I'll let them know tat it was mostly due to the MS bullshite.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Iv've been contemplating it any way...

      Personally, as a reluctant Facebook user, I am more concerned about the activities and 'bullshite' of Facebook and it's many privacy intruding apps - at the very least, they are as bad Microsoft, if not worse.

      Does your pengiun have an allergy to all things MS then? Mine doesn't, he just craps on the doormat on the way out :)

      1. Rick Giles

        Re: Iv've been contemplating it any way...

        "Does your pengiun have an allergy to all things MS then?" (sic) - not really, it just doesn't like them a whole helluva lot.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The only way you can call Facebook social..

    .. is if you add and "a" for the word.

    It's as asocial as it gets IMHO

    1. EddyS

      Re: The only way you can call Facebook social..

      What does AFacebook mean?

  10. Colin Millar

    Is it just me?

    When did photos become so popular? Most normal people zone out completely at the mention of other people's pics.

    1. Jediben

      Re: Is it just me?

      It's summer time. Ladies tend to start posting their holiday pics around this time of year.

  11. Mike Flugennock

    rough translation

    Now simply by clicking on a photo in the sidebar, you will be linked to a full experience on Bing where you can see more photos from your Facebook friends that match your search...

    Ewwwww, jeezus. I don't even want to ask what the "full experience" is...

    ...On Bing, your Facebook privacy settings are always respected. Your Facebook friends will only be able to see the photos you have made viewable, and you will only see photos your friends have made viewable, and your photos will never be shared with the public.

    Uh, ooohhhhh...

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "linked to a full experience "

    Title says it all. Really.

    (The rattling sound you hear is Billy Shakespeare in his grave.)

  13. Unicornpiss Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    I've always hated Bing anyway...

    It's pathetic that when I want to find something on Microsoft's own Technet site, that I have to use Google to find it from outside. If I try the in-built Bing search, it generally returns 14,000 results, apparently chosen at random from within the site.

    1. chris lively

      Re: I've always hated Bing anyway...

      This, more than anything keeps me off of bing. If they can't properly search their own stuff then I know they can't handle the rest of the world.

  14. oopsie

    And your photos will never be shared with the public...

    I'm surprised that photos that're visible to everyone on Facebook won't be public on Bing search. As someone who posts a lot of public photos (I do photography at night clubs) that might actually have been useful.

  15. dssf

    In fairness to msoft....

    Pretty soon, unless the social sites are delibertately acting as staging grounds for spies, then spies and investigators and brain-fucked repressive regimes will rely on:

    Anyone besides me find "Gamma" to sound like the name of pron industry or lubrication products? (No, I'm not thinking of the Gamma Quadrant, hahaha). Maybe it was tongue-in-cheek (or, tongue-round-shaft?) for this spook/spy- company. I wonder how they sleep at night knowing that they took profit over someone's life, limb, or liberty. Sure, CERTAIN people (read, miscreants) do need spying on and to be arrested, but selling the shitware to repressive regimes should come with a back door to take down those regimes, not snuff out individuals who might just be a vocal thorn rather than an actual bomber.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that that software can also cripple built-in refresh buttons in the android phones.

    Yet, this could be yet another reason why Google makes it a royal pain in the ass to easily root our devices. It's not just that we might nix the adverts (which indeed would hurt google's bottom line if their reports reflect that to paying sponsors), but the governments with business permit powers would just revoke Google's charter to do business in an affected country, maybe even ban the presence of the software. One would think, however, that if that were the case, then countries like China would INVITE google, g+, and facebook so they can trojan the phones and get at the accounts, even if VPN stuff is in use. Ooops, shit, ideas? No, surely they can think of it or already have. That's why I suspect surgical crippling of Android devices is already in play...

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