back to article Chinese dissident grassed by Yahoo nears release

A Chinese democracy advocate and journalist who was sent to jail for a decade after Yahoo! grassed him up to the authorities will be released this week. Wang Xiaoning, who’s now 62 years-old, was jailed in 2003 for “incitement to subvert state power" after posting some essays critical of the Communist Party and praising …


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  1. nuked
    Black Helicopters

    And we think...

    ... OUR freedom of opinion and choice is limited.

    Puts it into perspective.

    Strange though that when such countries become so powerful, their principles start to be reflected in previously mature democracies such as UK & US.

    Privacy / freedom of expression / Class gaps / Banking elite

    All things that have taken a bad and distinctly draconian turn for the worse in the past decade.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They didn't grass him...

    ...they were compelled to do it under that country's laws.

    No different to the 10's of thousands people ISP's "grass" up in the "free" world when ordered to using the law of that country.

    The issue is not with yahoo complying with the law, but with the law itself.

    1. Gav
      Big Brother

      Re: They didn't grass him...

      They were free to withdraw from that country if they were unhappy with complying those laws. Or better still, not start operations there in the first place. China can't enforce its laws on a company that does not operate in China.

      Yahoo instead decided that them having a presence in China was worth sacrificing this man's liberty for. Which was nice of them.

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  4. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects

    Yahoo! Arsewipes of the western world.

    Why are they still in business?

    1. beep54

      Re: Yahoo! Arsewipes of the western world.

      It IS odd that they are still managing to somehow exist, but then so does AOL and MySpace. It's a strange world.

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