back to article VMware adds EMC daddy's deduping backup to vSphere

VMware is embedding EMC's Avamar deduplicating backup software into ESXi with the vSphere Data Protection product, making VMware seem more like EMC's baby than an open child. What VMware wanted to do was provide virtual machine (VM) data protection for small and medium businesses (SMB) and enterprise departments that was an …


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  1. K
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    Good news for SME's

    Anything that helps reduce cost and get been counters onside is a very welcome addition..

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Good news for SME's

      How will forcing people to buy Avamar reduce costs? VMware/EMC will wrap the cost of Avamar, which people may or may not want to buy, into Vmware, which they do want to buy, and jack the price of the whole bundle.

      1. unredeemed

        Re: Good news for SME's

        VMware had a backup product before, it was terrible. This new iteration is the replacement. I don't see how VMware is charging anything more than what it did before?

        That said, this is also a stripped down version in terms of functionality, so I see this as mainly an SMB play only No replication, no tape out, fixed size, etc... Basically not a fit for SME/Enterprise at all, exactly where the full blown Avamar product plays. Avamar was NEVER an SMB product for obvious reasons...

  2. J.T

    Was this paid for by NetApp? Seems like not 5 minutes after this annoucement every NetApp guy I know was talking about EMC pissing off it's partners.

    Sans the fact that EMC has been increasing integration with partners with VSPEX and adapted a partner first sales strategy, what "partners" is this going to upset? Symantec? Hasn't had a good relationship with EMC in years and directly competes in the software side. Commvault? who?? And the fact of it is, with the fact that it doesn't integrate with actual Avamar, etc... that enterprises are still probably going to use their existing solution.

    And as for price jacking notice VMWare just dropped the vram tax?

    It's simply a way for the smaller companies to use functionality that should be there with a superior engine. Nobody complained that EMC was upsetting partners when ESX 4 high availability agent/process was a Legato product.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      The RAM tax has nothing to do with this topic. This is a classic Microsoft move. Take the stuff people want/need to buy and tack on the crap you can't sell on its own merits.

      I don't think this hoses their partners per se, buying Avamar hosed their partners, but this has not hosed them in any new way. EMC doesn't care about partners. They were tight with Cisco until they just punched them in the face with the Nicira buy. Although Cisco would have done the same to them.

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