back to article VMware sees multi-device future on Horizon

VMware has inched its vision of mobile computing forward, releasing an Alpha of a new product called the Horizon Suite that it hopes will make it easier to share apps and data among many devices. Horizon Suite includes ThinApp, Horizon Application Manager, and Horizon Mobile, along with the apps-in-smartphone-sandboxes " …


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  1. Nate Amsden

    post pc not yet alive in business

    I think the vassssst majority of post pc stuff is in the consume space. I don't see vmware pitching this sort of thing to consumers any time..ever.

    Even where I'm at, the vast majority of people use Macs(I think I'm the only Linux user), some less technical folks use Windows (sort of ironic?). I'm sure given the compensation these folks get there are a lot of iPads and stuff, I see a lot of iPhones.. But around the office I don't remember when the last time I saw an iPad was, at least from the users that are using Macs. It's been months I think. The company policies are pretty liberal, bring whatever you want and use it, or use company issued stuff, doesn't matter. So it's not like they are preventing people from using such devices. By the same token I haven't seen tablets from any other mfg at my office at least either.

    I agree with vmware that at least in business, the PC/Laptop standard isn't going anywhere for some time. People at my company carry their macs all around the office, and use wifi almost exclusively, so they are not in fixed positions all day. I'm the only one I think that has a desktop.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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