back to article Three beds Samsung for its own LTE mobe broadband kit

Samsung will be supplying Three's 4G network, squashing ideas that the network-sharing deal with EE would simply be extended and giving Samsung a significant foothold in an increasingly competitive market. Samsung will provide the Radio Access Network, and the core infrastructure, for Three's LTE (4G) network. That includes …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    good,then it looks like three will be staying in uk for a few years and i maybe able to get three to locate 4g on another site that is available nearby instead of fitting 4g kit to existing,crowded tower that gives crap signal in this area.there is a site available if three are willing to pay for smaller tower on their own and not share cost with others.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Odd choice of supplier for Three given their China/Hong Kong roots and previous deals.

    Can't see being over the moon about this. Samsung must really have made an offer Three couldn't refuse.

  3. AlbertH

    Efficiency chosen over price!

    The Samsung kit is significantly more expensive than many competing solutions, but is less power-hungry, much more reliable, and requires much less maintenance. Three will build their network up somewhat then sell it to one of the competitors as a "going concern".

    EE have significant Quality of Service problems, so their 4G offering is likely to be rather less than spectacular. Since the network amalgamation they have laid off over 60% of their engineers, 40% of their call centre staff (which they've entirely moved abroad), and they are beginning to "rationalise" their retail outlets, closing either T-Mobile or Orange branches in each location - survival depends upon branch turnover.

    Britain no longer has any network capable of providing comprehensive services:

    O2 are hamstrung by their older equipment, poor site selection and traditionally high prices.

    Vodafone have major capacity problems because they completely misjudged the take-up of data services.

    EE are just entirely incompetent. Shaving staff, allowing the major failure of swathes of their network without repairs (coverage in parts of London and Birmingham is a joke), and a billing department that loves to overcharge or make multiple charges seemingly at random.... their ineptitude is stunning.

    Meanwhile, Britain is the second most expensive place IN THE WORLD to make a phone call!

  4. Dynamite

    Re: Efficiency chosen over price!

    I think you had better check your figures as UK call centre staff levels have increased not decreased.

    1. Spanners Silver badge

      Re: Efficiency chosen over price!

      Maybe they are getting more calls from an increasing number of customers?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A good choice for those of us under the current Ericsson managed service agreement with 3UK. We had expected Huawei kit to be part of the deal when the managed service contract transfers to Huawei this December.....

  6. 186k

    Is this a negotiating tactic?

    Interesting announcement. I wonder whether 3 will actually build much network with Samsung. It might be that they are going to build in dense urban areas only or alternatively the deal with Sumsung could be part of a pre-deal dance with EE prior to extending MBNL to 4G. I would be surprised if Three are actually going to build a full 4G network as their network economics would always be inferior to EE and the shared network of 02 & Vodafone

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