back to article ATO casts loving eyes over cybercrime intercept powers

Hot on the heels of the passage of Australia’s Cybercrime Amendment Bill – which expands Australia’s interception regime in an effort to bring it into line with European practices – the Australian Taxation Office is reportedly looking for more interception powers as well. If this report in The Australian is accurate, it …


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  1. GrumpyOldBloke

    >the Australian Tax Office is reportedly looking for more interception powers as well

    No time like the present to ask for it then. We have two major political parties that are committed to throwing any remaining Australian civil liberties under a bus just as quickly as they can - either to bring us into line with someone or the ever ready child porn defense. One of the supporters of these new powers, the opposition party, is even going to go to the election on a free speech platform - monitored free speech of course, but that has got to be better than nothing. Strangely enough, with all these demands for subjects to surrender information to the state including mandatory strip searches at international airports, the state itself is quite opaque and becoming more so.

  2. Thorne

    Kiddy porn and terrorists are the most wonderful things to happen to governments. You can remove all sort of rights under the guise of protecting us from one or the other. Of course once we're "protected" other government branches can use said protections for their own benefit.

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