back to article Tech Data on its crappy Q2: Don't blame us, blame the strong dollar

Distribution giant Tech Data, daddy of Computer 2000 and Azlan in the UK, has disappointed investors with a blip in its second quarter results. Net sales for the firm slipped 7.6 per cent from the same quarter last year to $5.96bn while net income dropped 26 per cent to $38.3m from $51.7m in 2011. The company said that …


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  1. Captain

    A 'blip' or a trend?

    A core customer base of mom and pop shops, the very kind that will be consumed by the Cloud;

    An unhealthy reliance on big vendors, the very kind that don't allow a margin;

    A perpetual pissing contest for market share;

    Tablets, not PCs;

    Virtualisation, not more servers;

    SaaS, not MS;

    Looking inwards, not outwards.

    What could possibly go wrong?

This topic is closed for new posts.