back to article Rackspace lands in Australia

Rackspace will take possession of one data hall in Digital Realty's new Sydney data centre, and pack it full of kit to serve Australian customers. The company revealed the new data centre today at a press event at which Jim Fagan, its Managing Director for the Asia Pacific Region, said Australian customers are mad for cloud …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Good luck

    Anon in case bosses are watching.

    Just wait until you have to put up with the local lines going down, and your customers are getting pissed about "network issues".

    The servers are up, its just noone can connect to them.

    1. TomS_

      Re: Good luck

      eh? What you say doesnt make any sense.

      In the 12 years I was an Internet user, and the 6 or so that I was directly involved in the provision and operation of Internet inside Australia, there was never once a situation that left the entire country without connectivity.

      There are at least 5 submarine cables servicing Australia that I know of, one from the west (SEA-ME-WE3) and 4 from the east (SXC north and south, PPC-1, AJC), two of which (SXC) are operated by the same company and allow them to offer fully resilient services. You could count 5 from the east coast if you include Telstras Endeavour cable, but I dont believe this is available for general "public consumption" like the others.

      Individual providers have had their outages affecting a large chink of users, but most providers will experience something like this at some stage. And any provider worth any fraction of its weight in gold will take a combination of capacity and transit from multiple cables and local providers for maximum coverage in case of a fault.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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