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Pure toughened up its radio range for travel-minded music fans this week, unveiling the Move 400D, a compact rugged digital and FM radio with an emphasis on enduring battery life. The Move 400D - which supports all current European and Australian digital radio standards - packs standard travel companion features, including …


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  1. David Gosnell

    Battery life

    Given that it includes FM reception, what're the odds that the 60 hour life cited is in that mode?

  2. Tapeador

    All European standards?

    Including DAB+, i.e. MP3 rather than MP2 compression, which we should have adopted in the first place? Might be useful if we ever get sick of bubbling mud and get DAB+ transmitters in, like the Germans.

  3. indulis

    Where is the Wifi music access/streaming?

    My phone using Wifi at home has access to my music, and most radio stations are accessible via the web. I'd look at this if it did all my phone did AND DAB+, and had GREAT audio quality. So it would be a useful outdoors or bathroom audio device. Until a portable DAB+ radio has Wifi, it is not a "keeper" for me.

  4. Robredz

    They will try won't they

    The government want more moolah selling off frequencies in the FM band so they want us to buy power hungry, digital radio to replace the trusty FM we know and love,

    Digital has it's plac3e but so has FM

This topic is closed for new posts.

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