back to article Greens launch anti-TPP Internationale

The increasingly-unpopular Trans-Pacific Partnership – saviour of all that’s right and good in American IP protection or, if you prefer, a mandate for the US to extend its plain-silly intellectual property regimes to pastures new – is under renewed pressure from Green parties in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The three …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Where have these sensible people been hiding?

    1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

      Re: Where

      Here's one:

  2. Fibbles

    I don't particularly like the arguments espoused by freetards, I find their logic and morality quite twisted. I'm happy to thank them though for spreading public awareness about the POS that was ACTA. It is probably one of the few good things they have ever achieved in my opinion.

    Here's to hoping they can achieve something similar with TPP because no offence to the Greens but... well, who listens to the Greens?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "...who listens to the Greens..."

      More than previously, if this carries on.

    2. Steven Roper

      Re: Who listens to the Greens?

      Enough tree-hugging voters to give the bastards balance of power in the Senate, forcing the Gillard goverment to adopt the highly unpopular carbon tax, which has resulted in Australians paying the most expensive fucking electricity bills in the world. If you think pandering to the AGW believers is worth $500 - $800 a quarter, you'd realise just who listens to the fuckers.

      1. dave 76
        Thumb Down

        Re: Who listens to the Greens?

        The Carbon Tax is responsible for some of the rise to be sure, but a big chunk of the rise in NSW at least is State Government dividends, Network improvement and Electricity company profits.

      2. P. Lee

        Re: Who listens to the Greens?

        Australians have the most expensive of almost everything in the world.

        I think its a legacy of having a historically weak currency which has strengthened dramatically, a government which "blocks all imports if we can" and a culture of retailers ripping off people at any opportunity.

        Petrol prices also jumped about 25 cents/per litre last week in Melbourne.

      3. Jason Tan

        Re: Who listens to the Greens?

        No, privatisation makes us pay the highest electricity bills in the world.

        Understandably so - after all that's what private companies are intended to do - extract funds from customers as efficiently as possible.

        The carbon tax will contribute to further price hikes, but the price hikes had been happening for many years before there was even a scent of a carbon tax.

        Still putting the power companies in the hands of private companies, was dumb

        Of course the claims by both the various state govts and the companies, was taht competition would lower the prices.

        Still I trust the various ministers and their family members have their comfy sinecures now, directorships, consultancies etc.

        I reckon the public should band together and bribe the politicians to do the thing that is best for the people, not the businesses... oh wait we do already.

        Ok I reckon we need to t

    3. Katie Saucey


      No one in Canada that's for sure. In 2011 the Greens finally managed to get a single seat in House of Commons (I believe they've been going at it since the mid '80s). If the Globe & Mail and National Post are to trusted, the member Elizabeth May (also the Green Party leader) is quite the nut.

  3. Magani

    Guess who's going to get the most out of this?

    HINT: They're on the eastern side of the Pacific, in the Northern Hemisphere and it's not Canada.

    Like the Australia-USA Free Trade Agreement, it's all in favo(u)r of one particular entity.

    While I'm not particularly enamoured of the Greens, good on them for bringing this into the spotlight.

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