Ubuntu: why it will work on the phone

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  1. RegisterGav

    Ubuntu: why it will work on the phone

    Canonical's rumored to be developing an Ubuntu phone. Will it beat Android or go the way of the Linux desktop?

  2. aidensraid

    Ubuntu for Android enables high-end Android handsets to run Ubuntu, the world's favorite free PC desktop operating system. So according to me it will help android based mobiles to deliver best services may not go the way of the Linux desktop.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    5th Option

    Ubuntu has alot of potential is the current climate, being hardware independant and open-sourced means various companies and governments can easily audit for software bugging. It doesn't hurt that Ubuntu's main contenters are p*ss*ng a load of people off.

    1) Android has lost a whole load of trust due to Google's attitude to personal data and tax.

    2) iOS, Apple have been over priced for a while, but by changing thier propietry (and illegal) sockets they have underminded their user "lock-in" and increased the overall cost of ownership.

    3) Win8 Mobile, its starting to see a pickup in sales but that is mostly due to "indestructable" Nokia nostagia. There is a comparitively small App market.

    4) Blackberry, compared to the above, this OS is next to unusable.

    1 to 3 have a common problem. Nobody trusts them to keep thier personal, business or political information secure.

  4. JamesTQuirk

    Full Ubuntu on my Phone, couldn't wait, playing with it now on Sony Xperia S, fantastic, with BlueTooth Keyboard & Mouse, Sony HDMI port on side makes it a laptop, with all the "sensor" bells & whistles of the phone, if I finish configuring them, Mines flaky, hope to figure some more out,

    But with a full version of Open Office, any PROGRAM I want or need installed to do a job, it is a fantastic phone already .... for me, hope Smarter heads finish Ubuntu For Phones, soon ...

    However I really like, as ATM I have NO facebook or twitter crap, and I love it, hope its optional in the install ...

    1. JamesTQuirk


      Well I got the fever, talking about it, I am deciding to replace my bodgy Ubuntu on Sony with NEW image of Ubuntu for Phones, I think I am worried about bricking it ....... Bugger (bangs on reset switch, breaths thru USB port, LIVE!!!)

      Thats not stopping me so, http://www.kogan.com/au/buy/agora-50-quad-core-smartphone/

      Just ordered one of these, nearly as good, cheap, and a quad, nice spare batts as well ... (do not get a sim from them), gunna throw ubuntu/phones on that ... WHY ?


      And to Ubuntu, in case most to lazy to click,

      "High-end smartphones have a brain as powerful as a full PC. Ubuntu, with its next-generation Mir graphics architecture, uniquely enables a new kind of convergence device: a phone that docks to become a full PC and thin client. Enterprise IT departments will soon be able to replace phones, thin clients and laptops with a single corporate device.

      With support for remote Windows apps over Microsoft RDP, Citrix or VMWare, the Ubuntu superphone is a complete enterprise solution — and a new opportunity for operators to deliver enterprise IT to SMEs in LTE markets. And because it enjoys the full capabilities of Ubuntu — including kernel-level control of every app — it puts the security and manageability of UNIX in your pocket"

      And my favourite bit ,

      "Ready for your phone, With all-native core apps and no Java overhead, Ubuntu runs well on entry-level smartphones — yet it uses the same drivers as Android."

      NO JAVA !!!!!

      They should call the release "Jack the JAVA Killer"

      So I better get stuck into HMTL5 & QML a bit more .....

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