back to article Don’t waste time hiding NBN POI locations

Since it was only a Tweet, I don’t know whether it’s true that the ACCC’s consultation on relocating some NBN points of interconnect was, or was not, based on national security concerns expressed by the Attorney-General’s department. If it was some kind of misguided national security notion, then Nicola Roxon needs someone to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The mobile infrastructure is very well hidden

    Someone was smart enough to hide it all next to those massive towers. We can sleep easily tonight.

  2. Mike Flex

    [Do we] want “backhoe terrorism” to become the norm

    I think you'll find that “backhoe terrorism” has been the norm for a considerable time (and that's in a country with maps and cable detectors).

    Tip for the unwary: If you're paying your comms provider for redundant connections make sure they are not running down the same ducts.

  3. cphi

    Dial Before You Dig


    - specify streets of interest

    - plans of underground infrastructure sent to your door

    1. Rex di Bona

      Re: Dial Before You Dig

      And above ground too. I got the diagrams for all the local infrastructure before I dug a trench in the back yard. They don't check that the location you are requesting for is the location you are at in any case.

  4. david 12 Silver badge

    HV transmission lines.

    I have a small map of HV transmission lines from the late 70's, when I used to plan walking trips.

    HV tranmission lines make great cross-country routes, because there is access along the whole route, they end up in major cities, and they cross rural and remote regions.

    Sadly, the maps became unavailable in the 80's, when the tide of paranoia, secrecy and 'privacy' returned, after the openness of the 60's and 70's.

    HV transmission lines are potential terrorist targets -- they are long, poorly defended, have an immediate economic impact, and have been destroyed by partisans in other countries.

    They are also obvious, and marked on many other maps. What went missing was just a nice overview, that showed what existed and where it went.

    I think it's just a dog-in-the-manger kind of officiousness, self-importance, and self-rightousness, the same kind of thing as "you can't do that - you're not a policeman/tradesman/socialworker/council employee/trained volunteer'

  5. Magani

    Security by obscurity?

    Well we all know that works a treat, don't we?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Its all really easy to take down

    Which rather implies that the threat level is low-to-none.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It does seem pointless ...

    ... but now instead of being prosecuted for, say, criminal damage, someone who interferes with a component of the infrastructure might in future be subject to much heavier 'National Security'-related penalties.

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