back to article CSC UK waves ta-ta to axed staff, sharpens axe for next round

CSC UK has concluded the 90-day consultation period for workers at risk of redundancy with roughly two thirds of staffers heading for the door voluntarily, insiders claim. Sources reckon that of 640 peeps CSC included in the cost-cutting programme back in February, 330 are leaving the firm and about 220 of those are willingly …


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  1. Ian Michael Gumby

    There are a couple of quotes that caught my eye...

    "Do staff take a few thousand pounds extra as volunteers or go for compulsory [redundancy] and leave on there same date with... less in their pocket," said one person familiar with the matter.


    It is also understood that employees made redundant were handed a £500 budget for future training in for a totally different career path.


    Its always good advice to take the package. The odds are that if they are offering you the package, you're on the chopping block and if you don't take it, you'll leave with less. The mere fact that they are even talking to you about taking the package gives you a bit of a heads up about getting your resume out before the rest of your crew.

    The interesting thing about the retraining money is that either you shouldn't have been in IT in the first place, or that you can use this to enhance your skills to get you back up to speed. Either way, it will help to soften the blow and give you a better start.

    Of course there are a rare few who don't need it and can get a job right away based on their experience and continued networking... I helped a couple of friends land better jobs when they were given the nod that they may be on the chopping block. As it turns out 50% would have eventually been asked to leave while the other 50% didn't want to hang around and wait to find out because the workplace became a depressing place.

    1. LarsG

      Catch 22

      Damned if you don't

      Damned if you do

  2. Justin 9

    Wouldn't want to be a commuter now

    CSC website says: We have also just signed a new IT outsourcing agreement with Transport for London (TFL).extending the existing contract by twenty-seven months. The contract extension was signed during CSC’s fiscal 2012 third quarter.

    Ooops. These cuts will have an effect, moral will be low for all working within the UK.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    More Off Shoring?

    As long as it's not to India where the offshoring parasites have already destroyed the countries fragile electricity infrastructure.

  4. Securitymoose

    Retraining in IT?

    When RBS were laying people off, they offered £2000 for retraining - this was not necessarily for IT, as most IT people are already sharp in multi-disciplines, but to allow retraining in ANY skill. People I know have taken the opportunity to train as plumbers, electricians, writers, architects, teachers etc. and really review their careers. With the prevalence of outsourcing, IT has had its day. Let's leave it to the sausage factory guys and gals, while we do something useful and rewarding.

  5. hans-peter carpenter


    When you accept the package, I assume you will not be getting any redundancy money from the state, right? In this case 500 or 2000 is a joke ... unless were were low on the payroll. I do not know how it works in the UK, I must admit ...

    As for outsourcing, the wind will turn ...

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