back to article Hipster craft site bans sales of blood and skulls

Etsy, the crafty hipster’s version of eBay, has issued an edict curbing its contributor’s creativity with raw materials such as drugs and human body parts. The online shopping site prides itself on being the purveyor of the offbeat and eclectic when it comes to self-made objects but has had to draw the line on some or its …


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  1. jon 72
    Big Brother

    Bodily fluids?

    Disturbing yet fascinating.

    1. Eddy Ito

      Re: Bodily fluids?

      Disturbing indeed but it does beg the question, which if any bodily excretions do they consider bodily fluids?

      1. frank ly

        Re: Bodily fluids?

        If it's dried, does the residue count? Am I over analysing this?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sensibly avoided banning the sale of teeth.

    If that spreads the tooth fairy would end up on the dole.

  3. jukejoint

    What's wrong with a second website for these items?

    Step 1 Gather blood, skulls, bodily fluids, other detritus as desired

    Step 2 Launch 'Ewwwwwtsy'

    Step 3 $$$!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I still have somewhere to sell my toe nail clippings.

  5. Trokair 1
    Thumb Down


    Why do they exist then? If you are going to implement the same rules that everyone else is playing by then you can no longer be considered as no being "a part of the mainstream". Not that I would ever use the site but I feel it has lost its' point.

  6. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

    No worries

    Etsy's attitude toward its own rules has always been rather lax. They're happy to let resellers and other violators continue unimpeded as long as they're contributing to the Etsy bottom line. In fact, they're much more vigilant about their prohibition on pointing out in the comments that someone's just reselling cheap trinkets from Alibaba than they are about pursuing the fakes.

    Not that I've ever bought anything through Etsy either; they're just notorious for acting high and mighty toward customers, small sellers, and critics, while they pander to the mass resellers. Though that's hardly surprising.

    So if you want to peddle human organs on Etsy, you just need to keep your sales figures up.

    Incidentally, this article was rather lax in failing to mention Regretsy, April Winchell's often-hilarious blog of the overpriced, fake, and just plain crazy wares of Etsy.

  7. Dave 126 Silver badge

    Thank you Mr Wojcik

    for bringing Regretsy to my attention. It could be considered NSFW in places... the Star Trek-themed intimate object mentioned in the site's FAQ made me chuckle, as did the gallery of proud buyers posing with their new possessions.

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