back to article Sony Xperia tablet snaps spied on web

Fresh pics have surfaced showing Sony's upcoming Xperia-branded Android tablet refresh following the machine's unofficial outing last month. The Xperia is said to contain an Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU, pack in a 6000mAh battery, and sport front- and rear-facing cameras of one and eight million pixels, respectively. The body is cast in …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Possibly good?

    I quite like the design on that one, will have to find one in a shop somewhere to try out. Tegra 3 is disappointing though, I do wish companies would pick something with a bit more GPU power.

    No mention of screen specs though? Does it have a decent high-res screen, or an olden-style one? If it's not at a minimum 1080 (and ideally 4:3 so it doesn't suck in portrait), forget it, especially at those prices.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Possibly good?

      Errm, Tegra3 is a CPU/Chipset..

      The Nexus7 has a 5core Tegra3 CPU/Chipset and a 12-core GPU.

    2. N13L5

      Re: Possibly good?

      It looks like you could hang it on a clothes line.

      Or over a picture hook on the wall, to use as a wall mounted touch screen stereo, once connected to your active speakers over DLNA

  2. Philip Lewis

    Sony, proving once again that "slavish copying" of the iconic iPad is neither necessary (or even desirable) when creating an Android tablet.

    I realise that this will be lost on the "Apple Haters" here at The Register, but it is in fact impossible to argue against this "proof by existence" fact.

    1. RHSquared

      How exactly you would imagine a 'different' tablet could look like? Oval shape maybe?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Not almost exactly the same as an iPad? See: That's obviously an apple fan site, but look at the variety of pre-ipad tablets. Back then companies made some really interesting models, and there was plenty of innovation (and a truckload of ugly, but hey).

        Now? I see sony doing some cool stuff (although it often fails badly in execution), and I see asus doing something cool with their dock. And possibly microsoft with their keyboard covers on the surface. Everyone else? They're just making generic ipad-like tablets.

    2. DrXym

      Not many tablets are "slavish copies" of the iPad aside from Chinese knockoffs of course. Samsung sails close to the wind of course which is why Apple is suing them and not other manufacturers.

    3. Shagbag

      Looks like an iPad

      It's rectangular, has rounded edges and has got a black bezel. I had to take a serious second look before I realised it wasn't an iPad. Damn it's confusing.

      1. Francis Boyle

        Re: Looks like an iPad

        I too like the fact that it isn't just a minimalist black slab*. On the other hand I support the right of everyone to manufacture or own black slabs if that's what turns them on.

        *Not that there's anything wrong with black slabs per se. They have their place which is in the opening sequence of Kubrick films.

    4. N13L5

      Re: I realise that this will be lost on the "Apple Haters" here

      Hey, I'm an Apple hater, but other than their laptop unibody concept, I don't find their industrial design such that you couldn't improve upon it.

      But you know, its like Hollywood: Once someone comes out with a really successful zombie movie, every other studio will start to crank out zombie movies until they rode the wave to death and nobody wants to see anymore zombie movies for another 20 years.

      Personally, I thought it was annoying that the original Galaxy S looked so much like the iPhone. I neither wanted an iPhone, nor did I want a copy. So I didn't buy one.

  3. Chris 171
    Thumb Up

    I like Magnesium.

    Certainly more svelte than the current iteration (not that I'll notice as its on a stand most of the time) very very good Droid tab though. This update should hopefully attract even more of the discerning apple haters.

    Surprisingly, my Tablet S had another update to ICS that arrived this Wednesday - Sony it would appear, are changing.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Expect to pay

    over the odds for what is effectivly a generic tablet available from any manufacturer for less money.

    Sign me up.

  5. Nick De Plume
    Thumb Up

    usually the other way round

    Clean, attractive design and good build quality have always been Sony strongpoints. (Software, not so much - but that's happily not relevant here. But I do remember Sonic Stage).

    Apple used to gain inspiration/borrow ideas from Sony. But that's mainly in the past now, Apple does have a strong design language of its own.

    Back to the device: The first Tablet S was a bit slow due to Tegra 2 not being all that fast and Honeycomb being not very optimised (at the time I tried it, ICS was not available). But the design was intended for a coffee table and the inclusion of a infrared remote is genuinely useful. It is also the easiest the hold tablet I have handled (including ipad).

    So.. I think this will be one of the better tablets around.

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