back to article Fujitsu trials anti-phone fraudster tech

Fujitsu and Nagoya University have kicked off a month-long trial of new technology designed to raise the alarm when it thinks the recipient of a phone call is being scammed by a fraudster. The trials will take place in Okayama Prefecture in collaboration with local and regional police and the Chugoku Bank, according to Fujitsu …


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  1. Steve Knox


    anti-phone fraudster tech

    I believe you mean anti-phone-fraudster tech (or anti-fraudster phone tech, if you'd prefer.) I don't thing Fujitsu would want to be considered to be anti-phone, or involved in any form of fraudster tech...

  2. frank ly

    Why is it common in Japan?

    Are the police in Japan so corrupt that paying money to 'sort out' an arrrest is a well known way of dealing with it? If anyone phoned me (in the UK) with such a story, I'd call the police to report the incident.

    1. Charles 9 Silver badge

      Re: Why is it common in Japan?

      More like family values in Japan are so strong that hearing a relative is in trouble is supposed to bring an immediate response. Delaying could be seen as dishonorable to the family, and the far east has a historic "death before dishonor" attitude.

    2. henchan

      Re: Why is it common in Japan?

      The higher number of older people who are disproportionately asset rich might have something to do with it. Japanese police are not generally corruptible in the way suggested here. Organised crime being traditionally another matter. However phone fraud is not mainstream Yakuza business.

      With Raku-Raku, Fujitsu has perhaps the world's leading mobile phone brand for senior citizens. 20MM units sold in Japan, exports planned. Since they have developed this tech, a cynic might say it is not surprising that domestic phone fraud would be highlighted as a big problem in Fujitsu's marketing material.

  3. a well wisher

    Unheard of in UK ?

    Surely the 'boiler room' scams which often prey on the elderly are a clear case of 'overtrust'

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Cure worse than the disease ?

    "... The idea is that the police can then send someone round to visit the victim and the bank can put an immediate freeze on their account...."

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