back to article BSkyB deals Ofcom a blow in battle over telly sports prices

BSkyB has won a major victory in a five-year battle with the UK competition authorities over its crown jewels: its pay TV sports channels. Both Ofcom and the Competition Commission had decided that the pay TV market was not serving consumers, ordering Sky to wholesale its premium sports channels to arch rivals Virgin Media and …


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  1. BRYN

    Sky and its parent company News Corp

    are cancerous growths in the media world. They will not stop until they have absolute control of our media. They already have surmountable control of Australian media, massive influence in the US.

    They need to be controlled vigorously..

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Sky and its parent company News Corp

      I couldn't agree more.

      Give up Sky / Virgin: ~£200+ p.a.

      Give up your TV: £145.50 p.a.

      With that combo you can watch pretty much whatever you want on the catch-up services.

      Get out and play some sports instead of just watching them.

      Listening to the radio instead of watching TV allows you to do something else at the same time.

      There's always something like LoveFilm if you want to watch films on demand, or a bricks&mortar equivalent.

      By giving up your TV and also installing decent ad-blocking software (like AdMuncher) you'll also dramatically reduce the number of adverts you watch. This is likely to affect your general spending habits positively.

      We've not owned a TV in over eight years and I'm convinced that it's played a big part in keeping us and our children sane.

  2. Mark #255

    "[...]protect consumers. Aka, intervene in the market."

    Yes, because leaving markets alone, with no (or poor) regulation, has the potential to lead to clusterf*cks like, oh, what happened five years ago today.

  3. MJI Silver badge

    I won't touch Sky or News International

    And some people think I am odd

  4. Chris 135

    Win for Mafia

    The Murdoch empire has correctly been likened to a crime family. Certainly, in the UK we've seen Murdochs snr and jnr lying with impunity at various hearings and getting away with it.

    No corporate entity should be allowed such power over political governance. Successive UK PMs from Thatcher onwards have kow-towed to the most malign influence in media.

    Murdoch is apparently too big to do time.

  5. John A Blackley

    "Sky has no theological objection to wholesale supply"


  6. Rob Thorley


    From the article: "Sky did, on the whole, engage constructively," the ruling adds. "Sky has no theological objection to wholesale supply of its premium channels"

    Is wholesale supply of entertainment a subject of theological study? Maybe it forms part of the commandments of the Dead Sea Scrolls? (I've not read them)

    Or do they mean idealogical?

  7. ACx

    Explains this then:

  8. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    I think you mean "insurmountable", but I get your drift and completely agree with you... sadly

  9. Hoe

    News Corp...

    News Corp do have far too much control and are total ______ (Insert defamatory comment here) but this is only the tip of that iceberg.

    *No prizes for guessing the missing word though you can still submit your entries to me (£10 or $1m Admin Fee, SPECIAL DEAL FOR OUR FRIENDS ACROSS THE POND!).

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