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When Intel launched the SSD 520 series of drives it caused quite a kerfuffle. The company had abandoned using one of its own controllers or even a Marvell controller, as found in the 510 series. Instead, the ubiquitous LSI Sandforce SF-2281 controller was utilised but with Intel’s own hand firmly in charge of the firmware. …


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  1. tapanit

    You missed one missing key feature: the 320 series is database-safe, with capacitor that has enough power to flush pending writes in the event of power failure, unlike 330 (or 520 for that matter). Which explains why the 320 series is selling for a much higher price.

  2. Lloyd

    SSD Mounting kit

    Can anyone recommend a decent ssd mounting kit that works with a 5.25" bay (one of this nice easy slot jobs with the plastic rails). I ask because pretty much every single one I've looked at so far has got a kicking review wise.

    1. ColonelClaw

      Re: SSD Mounting kit

      Honestly? I've used duct tape and it works great. Dirt cheap too. I check on it every now and again, and no problems so far.

      I resorted to this after the last one I bought was total garbage.

      1. Steve I

        Re: SSD Mounting kit

        "I've used duct tape and it works great"

        Jeeeze - we're suppsed to IT literate. Talk about a bodge job. What's wrong with cable ties?

        1. Robredz

          Re: SSD Mounting kit

          LoL Duct tape, Apollo 13?

    2. Ben Rose
      Thumb Up

      Re: SSD Mounting kit

      I mounted two OCZ drives in striped RAID0 recently and my Scan invoice says the bay converter I used was one:

      Silverstone SDP08 3.5" Bay Converte 1 £5.98

      Worked well for me.

    3. Ammaross Danan

      Re: SSD Mounting kit

      Also, there's some media-card reader/USB hub all-in-one bay things kicking around that have a 2.5" drive tray mount on the back of them for just this sort of thing. Loads of features for ~$20 (check Other option is to duct tape it to the side of your case or the underside of your DVD drive. SSDs don't have moving parts and are feather-light, so no problem.

  3. Mark Tribble

    Re: SSD Mounting kit

    I resorted to Velcro strips with adhesive backing. If you ever need to remove the adhesive strips, lighter fluid dissolves the adhesive and it can be cleaned up easily with a paper towel, leaving no marks on the metal or plastic as long as you're careful.

  4. The Infamous Grouse
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    Price drop

    Not too long ago I paid just under £90 for a 64GB SSD and considered it a bargain. I can't believe how quickly the price of these things is dropping at the moment.

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