back to article HP yanks 2-week-old VMware server crown from Cisco

Hard on the heels of Cisco bragging about a flash-assisted VMmark win, HP has kicked it into touch with a better score using a flash-boosted ProLiant server. VMware's VMmark benchmark measures how a server runs simultaneous VMware virtual machines (VMs) which, in turn, run typical business applications. The VMs are grouped …


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  1. A Non e-mouse Silver badge

    All the servers are within a single percent or two of each other. What's the variability in these results ? Plus or minus a few percent ?

    These scores wouldn't be enough to make me switch vendors.

  2. Steve Evans

    Horses for courses...

    Now what's the price comparison.

    How about x@y per £?

  3. Nate Amsden

    Still running 4.1U2

    Interesting that so many of the top results are running ESX 4.1U2 - I assume it is actual ESX not ESXi 4.1

    Only 4 of the top 20 systems are running ESXi 5 ?

    Does that say anything? I mean I'd think they would test with the software the customers are most likely to use, does that mean the uptake of 5.0 is still really poor ?

    The two clusters I built this year are both running 4.1U2 E+, I have no interest in 5.0 - I figure my next upgrade will be to KVM.

    Also it seems the DL560 Gen8 is a brand new platform for HP - a 2U 4 socket system? It is not listed on their page, only the 580, and 585 (still).

    Would certainly be nice if this vmark stuff had cost disclosures in it. Make it much easier to compare the solutions.

  4. Michael Duke

    The DL560 is a reused name, there was a DL580 G4 time frame DL560 but the G5, G6 and G7 releases did not get one due to thermal limitations on the 6500 and 7500 series CPU's.

    Now that the thermal envelope of the new E5-4600 CPU's again supports a 2U, 4 Socket machine HP are producing one again.

  5. @GirishUCS

    Cisco UCS has a proven history of producing the highest VMware benchmark results in the industry

    I read your article with interest, and thought I’d add some comments on Cisco’s perspective. While vendors play “leapfrog”, surpassing each other continually with the latest benchmark results, my belief is that a vendor establishes leadership in this arena if it continues to garner world-record benchmark results over an extended period of time. Cisco has achieved this leadership with the Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) -capturing more than a dozen world-record performance titles on VMware® VMmark™ benchmarks over the last three years.

    •Cisco UCS B200 M3 continues to lead VMmark 2.1 for 2-socket servers with 11.30 @ 10 tiles. This 2-socket result was published on 7/10/12 and remains the industry-leading benchmark to beat for Intel 2-socket results.

    •Cisco UCS C460 M2 continues to hold the #1 overall VMmark 2.1 benchmark with the 4-node result published on 9/20/11. With 35.06 @ 35 tiles, this benchmark holds a “virtual VMware server Crown”.

    •Cisco’s leadership in VMmark benchmark performance over the last three years is documented here with Performance Briefs and Official VMware Disclosures.

    The Cisco UCS platform has a proven history of producing the industry’s highest VMware benchmark results.

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