back to article Gemalto gets NFC gig: Singapore punters will all bonk the same way

Operators, banks and loyalty schemes in Singapore can now use a common API to interact using short-range radio tech Near Field Communications, while in Europe similar schemes continue to flounder. The scheme was commissioned by the Infocomm Development Authority, a department of the Singapore government, which has asked …


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  1. n4blue
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    In Singapore this might actually work.

    For me, the only reason to have pay-by-NFC at all is if I can reliably leave my wallet at home. That means it needs to work on MRT (tube), buses, taxis and in all shops, restaurants and bars I'm likely to visit. That's a big ask but in a small country with a very high level of tech adoption and a government that likes to set strict standards it has a chance.

  2. cs94njw

    I want pay-by-bonk :(

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