back to article AMD launches 4 teraflops FirePro graphics at Nvidia Keplers

AMDevices is keeping the heat on rival Nvidia in the workstation graphics market with the launch of four FirePro graphics cards, topping out at 4 teraflops of floating point oomph, and two CPU-GPU hybrids based on the new "Piledriver" Opteron cores and bear the FirePro rather than the Fusion APU brand used for consumer gear. …


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  1. Spoonsinger

    " Microsoft's Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems can run atop these APUs,"

    Fairly sure you can get anything to run, (in O/S terms), atop of those APUs. It's just whether you can be bothered, or not, is the issue. (not dissing the architecture just the bloggy journalism).

  2. Great Bu

    "Street Price"

    Is this the price that you can get them from your local drug dealer for ? Like when the police seize drugs with a 'Street Value' of £50,000 (by which I have always assumed they mean 'We got £50,000 for them when we sold them') ?

  3. Random Yayhoo

    Fixed it for you

    "The W9000 can drive up to six displays and costs a rather steep $3,999, or a buck per GIGAFLOPS single precision if you want to look at it that way, or just a little over four bucks double precision GIGAFLOPS if that is more important to your workloads."

This topic is closed for new posts.

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