back to article MetroPCS waves wand, turns Samsung Galaxy mobe into a TV

Cell phone operator MetroPCS has unveiled a Samsung Galaxy variant capable of receiving Dyle TV. The cheapo network seems undeterred by other companies' inability to successfully broadcast television to mobile phones. The handset is a $459 spin of the Galaxy S with an extendible antenna and the capability to pick up Dyle TV - …


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  1. Tom 38

    Extendible antennae?

    The 80s called and want their phones back.

  2. Jonathan Cohen

    @tom 38

    Exactly. Given that TV works fine over existing 3G (I watched the whole Olympics opening ceremony live on an iPhone while on a drive from London to Hampshire, surely one of the most watched/streamed and network loading events of recent years), surely it would be more efficient to just write an app for the 4 users that are on average actually going to use this at any one time? If it takes off, then IPv6 multicast might be a better path rather than waste dedicated bandwidth? Presumably the seperate antenna is for seperate masts - do they enjoy re-inventing the wheel?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: @tom 38

      "surely it would be more efficient to just write an app for the 4 users that are on average actually going to use this at any one time?"

      NO. Using ONE RF carrier, to handle as many users are in range, with 1 set of data is MUCH more efficient than using 1 carrier per user. Even if you use IP multicast, the leg from the tower to the phone will be on its own carrier (for CDMA that would be its own coding channel, for GSM it will be its own carrier and timeslot).

      Given that a DVB or ATSC USB dongle is as small as they are, and given that some phones already receive broadcast FM using the headphones as the antenna, there's little reason NOT to have the phones just pull the TV signal out of the air in the same way.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        To clarify

        Rereading after I posted, I realized this may not be clear: I'm not suggesting using a USB dongle. I am suggesting using the RF to bitstream chip that forms part of the USB dongle.

        1. Fibbles

          Re: To clarify

          All the cheap 2G Chinese Android phones that are available on eBay seem to have TV receivers built in. I was quite tempted by them a few years ago when 3G reception in my area was still so pitiful that its price couldn't be justified. Then I noticed that they were all analogue receivers and useless for Freeview in the UK.

          Still, the idea of being able to receive OTA TV on a phone isn't inherently a bad one. I know quite a few people that watch downloaded films on their phones when travelling on trains and such. I don't know for sure but I suspect a DVB tuner wouldn't use that much extra juice and with the prevalence of electrical sockets on trains it might not even be an issue.

          Since most phone manufacturers seem to be moving towards producing phones with no memory expansion slots the amount of content one can carry is limited. I can't say I'd complain about phone manufacturers providing me with another way to receive content that isn't reliant on a speedy data connection or the availability of my phone's internal storage.

  3. LinkOfHyrule

    Imagine if Sinclair were still knocking about - they would have totally already made this phone!

    Oh I would love a SpecPhone - Android ported to the Zialog Z80, membrane touch-screen making use of flexible e-ink technology, built in PAL/Freeview tuner with long telescopic aerial, pocket sized thermal printer add-on, powered by non standard sized button cells and Microdrive data storage - it would kick arse! The ringtones would suck though with that poor quality and inflexible built in beep!

  4. mrmond


    When I want to watch TV in the UK I just use the TVCatchup service, either from the mobile version of the site or using their excellent app.

  5. raybabyray

    My old samsung smart tv burnt out after just a year of using and I had to replaced it with an LG. Wasted a lot of money and their customer service never answered my email or calls. Why would I even want a cellphone turned TV from them?

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